If you are using your mighty vacuum cleaner, only to clean and sweep away dust and dirt from the floor and rugs, or for the occasional spill that might happen, you are losing out on so much! A powerful vacuum cleaner can do so much more than just clean dust and sweep floors. It can totally improve your life.

So, to help you make the best use of this mighty machine, we penned for you eight amazing ways in which your vacuum cleaner can spruce up your cleaning schedule and help you do much more. There is a right way to use a Vacuum Cleaner.

Aids in controlling fleas and other insects around the house

Vacuuming your mattresses, rugs and around the house, frequently, will help you keep fleas, both larvae and adults, and dust mites away.

Additionally, you can use the crevice nozzle to reach and remove mosquitoes that gather at the corners of the ceiling. Thus, your mighty vacuum cleaner home buddy is an ideal friend to your family’s health and well-being and prevents you from using harsh chemicals to kill insects.

Reduces allergens around the house

Dust, pollen, and other allergens may accumulate on the window sills and in the crevices of the windows. Use the crevice attachment provided with your handheld vacuum cleaner or any other vacuum cleaner you might be using around the house, to remove dust from the tricky corners of the windows. This will help prevent allergens from blowing inside the house.

Additionally, if your vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a multi-purpose brush, you can also clean the window screens and other places that accumulate dust to reduce the chances of respiratory problems during peak allergy season.

Aids in recovering small items that may have fallen behind the furniture

Make sure you invest in a handy vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with a long hose pipe and extension attachments. It will help you recover small items like a screw or an earring or any other item, very easily from unreachable places behind the furniture, without waiting to move your furniture around.

Just cover the crevice attachment with a stocking or mesh. Fasten it firmly with an elasticized band and use the suction of the vacuum cleaner to trap the item. Voila! The item will get trapped against the stocking and you can easily retrieve it, afterward.

Helps capture pet hair from mattresses and bedspreads

If you have only been cleaning pet hair from the floor with the vacuum cleaner and tossing your pet’s bedding into the washing machine for a spin, you might be doing great harm.

Use your vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from your pet’s bedding, quilts, and bedspreads before you put them into the washing machine for a wash. This will help prevent clogs and leaks in the washing machine.


You can also clean your mattresses with the multi-purpose brush attachment to keep them tidier.

Assists you in cleaning the outside of your refrigerator

Just cleaning the inside of your refrigerator may not be enough to keep it from breaking down. Dust and lint also accumulate behind the refrigerator, in the coils, and in the condenser. To clean the appliance, unplug it. Remove the refrigerator away from the wall. Then use your vacuum cleaner to gently clean the dust from behind the unit.

This will help your refrigerator work better and cool faster too.

Thus, the above list is proof enough that getting yourself the best vacuum cleaner can be a boon to your cleaning schedule. Combined with some handy attachments, it can be used in several innovative and versatile ways around the house than you have ever imagined. If you have a small space invest in a small wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction that allows quick and efficient cleaning around the house or if you are a fan of the handy, get yourself a handheld one. The choice is yours to make.

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