If you're looking to unwind from the stress of daily life, a body massage machine is an affordable way to get some much-needed relaxation. Body massagers come in various styles and sizes to suit your needs. They are portable and easy to use, making them an ideal option for busy people who want to relax at home or on the go. 

In this article, we'll discuss what body massagers are and how they work. We'll also look at some of the best models available today!

Benefits Of Using Body Massage Machines

Here are a few of the most critical benefits of using them:

  1. Relaxation: One of the primary benefits of using body massage machines is that they help you relax. Massage machines work on your muscles, helping to release tension and improve blood circulation. 
  2. Pain Relief: Massage machines can alleviate various types of pain in the body. They can help to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness and even help to relieve chronic pain, such as that associated with arthritis, as proven in clinical studies.
  3. Improved Blood Circulation: Massage machines stimulate blood flow to various body parts. 
  4. Muscle Recovery: Massage machines can help to speed up muscle recovery after a workout, reducing soreness and improving performance.
  5. Convenience: A massage machine at home means you can enjoy a massage whenever you want, without making an appointment or leaving the house. 
  6. Cost-effective: Purchasing a massage machine can be a cost-effective alternative to regular visits to a massage therapist, which can add up over time. For instance, Agaro offers a line of body massagers with multiple functions at affordable prices for customers. 

Types Of Body Massage Machines

There are two types of body massage machines: handheld massagers and full-body massage chairs:

Handheld body massagers 

These are portable and can be carried around easily. Still, they don't offer the same comfort level as a full-body massage chair. Agaro manufactures some of the best and most durable hand body massagers.  

Full-body massage chairs 

These are fixed to the floor and meant for use at home, so you'll need some space in your house if you want one! They're also more expensive than handheld models, but if money isn't an issue for you, go ahead and buy one today!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Body Massage Machine

Here are the most critical factors that one needs to consider when selecting a body massage machine:

  1. Consider the type of massage: When choosing a body massage machine, it's essential to consider the type of massage you want. Do you want a full-body massage or only on the targeted areas like your back or legs?
  2. Level of Intensity: The level of intensity may also be necessary to you: some machines have low settings for those sensitive to pressure, and others go all out with high intensity.
  3. Frequency of Usage: The frequency of use is another factor in choosing the suitable machine for yourself--if you plan on using it daily, weekly or monthly. 
  4. Portability: Finally, portability plays an important role when selecting different models; smaller devices take up less space and weigh less than larger ones.

Top 10 Body Massager Machines In India - Features, Pros, And Cons

Here is a table demonstrating the top 10 body massager machines in India while discussing the features, pros, and cons of the models:

Brand Models




Agaro Alpha

Comes with five massage heads, 3-speed levels, and a rechargeable battery.

Portable and easy to use, it relieves muscle pain and tension and promotes relaxation. It is a hand body massager

Not suitable for people with certain medical conditions

Agaro Relaxo

Comes with four massage heads, 3-speed levels, and a long power cord.

Helps to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness. Can provide a relaxing massage experience. Simple to operate and use.

Can be a bit noisy

Agaro Atom

Comes with 4 massage heads, 3-speed levels, and an adjustable strap.

Relieves muscle pain and tension, promotes relaxation, air compression function for enhanced massage experience, easy to use

Not as effective as larger massagers

Philips body massager

Offers 6 massage heads, 3-speed levels, and infrared heating.

General functions of a body massager

Heating function may not work effectively

Lifelong body massager

Comes with 4 massage heads, 3-speed levels, and a heat function.

Can be used on the go

Lack of reliability in the long-term usage


Offers 6 interchangeable heads, 3-speed levels, and a rechargeable battery.


Quite bulky and not user friendly

Accusure body massager

Comes with 4 massage heads, 3-speed levels, and an LCD display.

Air pressure function 

The air pressure function malfunctions at times

Dr Physio body massager

3D kneading, heat function, adjustable speed, car adapter

Relieves general muscle soreness

Lack of massaging modes


Comes with 4 massage heads, 3-speed levels, and an LCD display.

Lightweight and easy to carry

Does not offer kneading function, vibration may not be effective for some users


Offers 3 interchangeable heads, 2-speed levels, and a compact design.

Promotes relaxation at all parts of body

Quite noisy and bulky to use

Body massager price range   

Here is the list of body massager prices of the discussed models:


Price Range

Agaro Alpha


Agaro Relaxo


Agaro Atom


Philips body massager

2500 - 5,000

Lifelong body massager

2600 - 5,000


1,500 - 4,000

Accusure body massager

1,500 - 10,000

Dr Physio body massager

1000 - 2,000


3,000 - 15,000


2,000 - 6,000

Agaro offers best body massagers in India at an affordable price that you can easily buy from its official website.



With so many options, choosing the right body massage machine can be difficult. But don't worry! We've done all the research for you and compiled this list of India's ten best body massagers. These products offer great value for money, with features like heated massage rollers and multiple speed settings that help with relaxation. 


Are body massage machines effective in treating chronic pain?

A: Yes, body massage machines can help alleviate chronic pain in some cases, such as arthritis, according to clinical studies.

Can massage machines be used to recover from a workout?

A: Yes, massage machines can help speed up muscle recovery after a workout, reducing soreness and improving performance.

How much should I expect to spend on a body massage machine?

A: The price of body massage machines can vary depending on the model and features, but there are affordable options available like Agaro's line of body massagers.

Are full-body massage chairs better than handheld massagers?

A: It depends on personal preference and needs; full-body massage chairs offer more comfort but are less portable, while handheld massagers are portable and more affordable.

What factors should I consider when choosing a body massage machine?

A: Factors to consider include the type of massage you want, the level of intensity, frequency of use, and portability.

Which is the best body massage machine in India?

A: The best body massage machine for you depends on your needs and preferences, but the blog includes a table discussing the features, pros, and cons of the top 10 body massage machines in India.