To get the look you desire, using the right hair styling tools can make a significant difference. Buying a hair dryer and straightener set is a popular choice among people due to the advantages it caters to. However, several factors should be considered before buying a hair dryer and straightener set such as brand name, quality, etc. Let's read in this blog that buying a set of hair dryers and straighteners is better than buying them separately or not.

What Is A Hair Dryer And Straightener Set?

A hairdryer and straightener set is a package deal that usually includes a hair dryer and straightener. Hair dryers are designed to blow hot air through wet hair to speed up the drying process, while straighteners use heat to straighten curly or wavy hair. These two tools are often bundled together as they are often used in hair styling. The set also includes accessories such as brushes, combs, or heat-resistant materials. Buying a hair dryer with a straightener is one way to make sure you have all the tools you need for every need.

Pros and Cons of Using a Hair Dryer and Straightener Set


  1. Convenient- Buying a hair dryer straightener combo is an efficient way to make sure that you have all the tools you need when it comes to hair styling.
  2. Cheaper- Buying a hair dryer straightener combo is more affordable than buying both tools separately.
  3. Versatile look- Getting a hair dryer straightener combo gives you more options for styling your hair as compared to a single product.
  4. Travel-friendly- Most of the hair dryer straightener combo comes in handy packaging making it travel-friendly.


  1. Lack of quality- Not all hair dryers and straightener combos offer the same quality as their separate products to earn more profit.
  2. Limited options- You get very limited options when it comes to buying a hair dryer and straightener set. You may not get your favorite brand in a combo.
  3. Damage- Constant use of a hair dryer straightener combo can cause damage to the hair due to the excess heat it may release.

Hair Dryer And Straightener Set vs Buying Separately: Which Is A Better Option? 

Here is a comparison table to help you decide whether you should buy a hair dryer and straightener set or individual products.


Hair Dryer and Straightener Set

Buying separately 


You get both tools in one package making it more cost-effective.

You have to buy both tools separately, which is expensive.


It may get compromised when buying a combo because it is cheaper.

You can get premium quality tools of your choice when buying separately.


Buying a combo will save you time to a great extent.

Selecting the products separately is more time-consuming.


Buying a hair dryer straightener combo is more convenient.

Buying them separately is less convenient and more time-consuming.


Often, you get compact packaging of combos which is easy to store.

Separate products may acquire more space if not kept properly.

Recommended Product

PHILIPS Straightener Dryer Styling Kit.

Pros of Recommended Product(s)

  • Compact and small dryer.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Easy to store.
  • Less hassle of selecting products.
  • Ideal for basic hair styling.
  • Premium quality hair dryer and straightener.
  • The dryer has 3 temperature settings, is 2400W powerful, and comes with a diffuser.
  • The straightener has 3 temperature settings along with twisted angle plates with ceramic coating.
  • These are products designed for professional use and the best results.
  • You get different accessories with both of them.

Cons of Recommended Product(s)

  • Fewer features.
  • Comparatively low-quality products.
  • Less powerful dryer.
  • Expensive
  • More storage area.
  • May not seem travel-friendly to some users.

Some More Recommendations For Individual Products: 

AGARO HD-1214 PREMIUM HAIR DRYER is foldable, cost-effective, and comes with all the necessary features along with a premium feel.

AGARO HV2179 Volumizer Hair Dryer is an easy-to-use hair styler that also adds volume to your hair. 

AGARO HS1937 HAIR STRAIGHTENER gives consistent results on all hair types.



It completely depends on the user’s choice whether they want to go for a hair dryer and straightener set or they want to buy them separately. If you want to save money and enjoy hair styling at home, you can go with a hair dryer straightener combo, but if you want premium products with many features, you should go with buying them separately. Buying them separately has more advantages and will give you better results in styling your hair. You can make a combo for yourself by buying 2 premium products that suit you better and will give you the best hair styling results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is more cost-effective, buying a hair dryer and straightener set or buying them separately?

A: Undoubtedly buying a combo is more cost-effective as compared to separate products which makes it popular for home use.

Q: Can a hair dryer or straightener cause burns?

A: If not used properly, they can cause burns on your scalp and skin due to the heating capacities they hold.

Q: Which brand is best for me if I want a premium hair dryer and straightener?

A: There are many brands in the market that deliver these products, but you can easily go with AGARO as they are delivering one of the best quality products in the market, making it a trustable and reliable brand.