Everybody loves to keep their cars clean. After all, no one wants to see dirt on their car seat covers, have a dirty car floor, or sit on food crumbs while commuting. So, it is obvious to look for an inexpensive option to keep your car clean at all times and a handy car vacuum cleaner may be an efficient investment.

A good car vacuum cleaner allows you to deep clean your car and keep it from getting dirty. Hence, it is a handy appliance that is worth every buck. However, getting yourself a good car vacuum cleaner that fits all your needs can be a daunting job when there is a multitude of choices to pick from. We get that! So, we made things easier for you and penned this informative read. This one will help you with all the essential features that you need to look for in your vacuum cleaner when buying the perfect one for your car.

So, keep reading to know all the top features.

Make sure you look for a car vacuum cleaner with a powerful enough suction

When looking for a car vacuum cleaner, make sure you choose one that comes with a powerful motor that has enough suction power to help you achieve thorough cleaning of your vehicle. This will allow you to achieve great results in much less time and with very little effort.

Ideally, a suction power of approximately 4.5-5kPa is enough for cleaning most cars. So, check this feature to suit your needs before investing in a car vacuum cleaner.

Choose if you want a corded or cordless option for your car vacuum cleaner

A cordless vacuum cleaner comes in handy when you do not have a wall socket nearby or want to carry your car vacuum cleaner with you everywhere. However, it might not be that powerful and the cleaning efficiency might also suffer as the battery drains. Plus, you have to keep it charged at all times when carrying it around in your car. Else you will not be able to use it when the need arises.

However, a corded vacuum cleaner can be plugged anywhere and has much higher suction power that provides much better cleaning. Additionally, choosing a car vacuum cleaner with a sufficiently long cord will help you reach every nook and corner of your car and achieve thorough cleaning without any difficulty.

Look for a car vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments for effective cleaning

Your car vacuum cleaner, like any other handheld vacuum cleaner, should be equipped with multiple attachments that cater to various types of cleaning. So, having a crevice nozzle attachment will help you clean all the tricky places in your car. A handy extension will help you clean hard-to-reach areas with very little effort. Additionally, getting a car vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with a multipurpose brush will help you clean the car mats, seats, and other areas efficiently.


Select a car vacuum cleaner that is easy to use

Keeping your car clean is an important chore, so choose a car vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and handy. This will make it easy to use while making the cleaning process very efficient. Additionally, pick one that can also be easily cleaned, so that you can empty the dust collection bin easily if it gets full and start cleaning again.


A car vacuum cleaner might be a small vacuum cleaner, but this efficient appliance when chosen carefully, will help you achieve an all-round cleaning of your car, whether it is big or small. Thus, it will help you keep your beloved car squeaky clean at all times and prevent you from fussing over accidental spills. Just make sure you remember these essential features when looking for a car vacuum cleaner for yourself, online, and get yourself the best. So, go ahead, start browsing and get yourself a handy car vacuum cleaner, today!