A vacuum cleaner is a handy device that lets you keep your home, car, porch, and other hard-to-reach areas in and around the house clean and dust-free. It is convenient and easy to use. Additionally, if you invest in a good vacuum cleaner it usually comes packed with multiple features that make it an ideal companion for all-round cleaning.

However, as someone who has recently bought a vacuum cleaner or is new to using the device, there might be some questions you are wondering about. To tackle that problem and to make cleaning with a vacuum cleaner easy and convenient, we penned down this informative read that aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about a vacuum cleaner. So, keep reading and determine the answers to these most-asked queries.

How do I begin vacuuming?

Before you start using your vacuum cleaner you must have determined what you are going to clean. However, before you dive straight and start cleaning, you need to find the best attachment for the area you want to clean.

If you are cleaning the floor or the porch landing or thinking about cleaning the stairs, choose the floor brush. This will make the cleaning much easier and more efficient.

For hard-to-reach areas, corners, and tight spots or to clean embedded dust and dirt, choose the very useful crevice attachment. If your vacuum cleaner home buddy comes equipped with a long hose pipe it is a boon. Use it to clean bigger spaces and hard-to-reach corners without toiling too much.

To clean sofas, curtains, rugs, carpets, pet bedding, mattresses, and other upholstery items around the house, choose the multipurpose brush if your vacuum cleaner comes equipped with one.

Additionally, if your vacuum cleaner comes with a blower function you can use it first to loosen the dirt from the surfaces of stairs, veranda, and the porch. This will make the cleaning easier and hassle-free.

After you have chosen the attachment and moved the furniture in case you are cleaning the floor, you can now dive in and start vacuuming.

Is it okay to pick larger objects?

Definitely not. If you try picking larger objects like Lego blocks, stones from flower pots, pencils, erasers, etc., these might get stuck inside suction tube of the vacuum cleaner and reduce the efficacy of the appliance. Hence, before you start vacuuming, pick up all the larger objects physically first to prevent any unwanted damage to your vacuum cleaner.


How often do I need to clean the dust bag?

Keeping an eye on how full the dust collection bag of your vacuum cleaner is, is quite important to enjoy efficient cleaning around the house. Make sure that the dust bag is no more than three-fourths full. Beyond that, the suction power of your vacuum cleaner is affected and a full bag will not be able to pick up any more dirt, dust, and debris. Additionally, the dust bag may even start leaking dirt.

So, keeping a tab on how full the dust bag is and cleaning it when it is three-fourths full is essential for effective vacuuming. Some vacuum cleaners also come equipped with a dust bag full indicator. This makes the process easier and you do not have to check every time you clean. Instead, your vacuum cleaner does the job for your and informs you when it is time to clean out the dust bag.

What does the HEPA filter do?

If you choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, it will be quite efficient in trapping airborne dust and dirt particles and will also be able to trap allergens like pollen and dust that cause nasty health problems. It also acts as an advantageous dust barrier and prevents the motor of your vacuum cleaner from getting clogged.

Additionally, this efficient filter also stops the re-circulation of any dust particles back into the room when you are cleaning.

How does a 360-degree swivel hose benefit me?

If your vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a 360-degree swivel hose, it will allow you to clean in any direction and make the cleaning process hassle-free and less tedious. You can just stand in one place and use the hose provided with your vacuum cleaner to easily clean a large room without having to move much.

Will cleaning a smaller area help achieve better cleaning?

Yes. Dividing a large space into smaller parts and cleaning each part thoroughly will help you achieve much better cleaning than attacking an entire room with your vacuum cleaner at once. This gives time for your vacuum cleaner to do its job much better and results in cleaner surfaces than if you did a hurried job.

On that note, we hope this read answers some of the most frequently asked questions about vacuuming and helps clarify some of the doubts you might have had as a beginner. Additionally, now that you are armed with these answers, we hope you will dive straight into vacuuming and start cleaning marvelously with your vacuum cleaner like a pro!