When it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation, a full body massage is often considered the ultimate indulgence. However, the full body massage price of regular spa visits can add up quickly. That's where full body massage machines come in, offering convenience and affordability in the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will delve into the full body massage machine price range, explore top options at different prices, and guide you on finding the best deals.

Full Body Massage Machine Price Range in India:

The range of full body massager machine price in India has various options to suit different budgets. The range typically starts from around INR 1,000 for basic models to INR 20,000 for more advanced and feature-rich machines. It's essential to consider factors such as massage techniques, intensity levels, additional features, and brand reputation when comparing options within this price range. By understanding your requirements and budget, you can find a full body massage machine that perfectly balances price and performance for your relaxation and wellness needs.

Top Options in Different Full Body Massage Machine Price Range 

Budget-Friendly Options:

Agaro Relaxol Handheld Body Massager:

Its compact design and cloth mesh cover can be used on the back, legs, and feet for relaxation and pain relief.

Agaro Regal Handheld Body Massager:

Its compact design, cloth mesh cover, variable speed selection, and 8 detachable massage heads provide a holistic body massage for relaxation and pain relief through deep tissue stimulation.

Lifelong LLM270 BodyMassager:

With a copper motor and customizable features, it provides effective muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation.


Agaro Relaxol Handheld Body Massager

Agaro Regal Handheld Body Massager

Lifelong LLM270 Massager


-5 vibration modes & 6 speed settings,

-Finger-touch button operation,

-Cloth mesh cover,

-8 detachable massage heads,

-Percussion technology helps in relaxation & pain relief

-Variable speed selection via control knob,

-8 detachable massage heads,

-Percussion technology,

-Cloth mesh cover,

-Compact handheld design

-Powerful copper motor,

-5 changeable massage heads,

-Percussion full body massager,

-1.6 m long cord,

-Ergonomic design


-Deep tissue Stimulation,

- Can be used on Back, Leg & Foot,

-Provides ultimate relaxation

-Can be used on Back, Leg & Foot

-Deep tissue Stimulation,

- Relaxation & pain relief

-Energy efficiency,

-Helps in toning various body areas,

-Enhance blood circulation.


-The product may feel a bit heavier.

-User may find it noisy

-Has less power 






4.2 out of 5

4.3 out of 5 

4.1 out of 5 


Good product

The product is good to handle. The attachments are more than enough as requirement. Vibrations levels are strong.

Nice product

It is a very good and effective product for all body parts massage

Works well

Great product

Mid-Range Options:

Agaro SIGNIFY Mini Gun Massager:

Its high-speed vibrations, interchangeable heads, and long-lasting battery provide effective pain relief and muscle relaxation for up to 8 hours of cordless use.

Agaro Supreme Gun Massager GM5043:

With 6 interchangeable heads, 20 massage modes, and a powerful brushless motor, it delivers deep muscle stimulation up to 3200 RPM for effective relief and relaxation.

beatXP Bolt Deep Tissue Massage Gun:

Its ergonomic design, LED display, and pro-grade attachments offer optimal control and long-lasting performance.


Agaro SIGNIFY Mini Gun Massager

Agaro Supreme Gun Massager GM5043

beatXP Bolt Deep Tissue Massage Gun


-Powerful 36W Brushless Motor,

-4800mAh Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery,

-3 Speed settings,

-6 Interchangeable heads,

-Deep tissue percussion

-24V Powerful Brushless Motor,

-20 Massage Modes,

-6 Interchangeable Massage Heads,

-Spherical Head,

-Up to 3200 RPM

- 4000mAh lithium battery,


-Touch control button,

-6 intensity speed levels,

-15 minute auto power off


-Up to 8 hours of cordless use (Depending upon the usage Speed),

-Pain relief and muscle relaxation

-Improves blood circulation

-Deep and effective muscle stimulation,

- Versatile and targeted massage sessions,

-Touch button with LED display

-Reduces stress after workout,

-Improves blood circulation,

-Reduces recovery time


-May feel a bit heavier

-The high RPM may feel too intense for individuals with sensitive muscles.

-Long down time 






4.3 out of 5 

4.3 out of 5

3.9 out of 5


Absolutely amazing

This product is absolutely amazing. I use it mainly on my back and legs to relieve it off the pain. It gives a great massage and stress relief. Definitely recommend.

The product case is too good and handy while traveling.

Postive review from my side

The product is to good and the quality of the product is ossum

Go ahead and Purchase it!!

Its a solid massage gun. I do recommend buying it.

High-End Options:

With 5 massage modes, 10 vibrating massage motors, and soothing heat pads, it relieves stress and fatigue for a truly blissful experience.

  • BLUETOP Massage Gun Body Massager:

With 6 interchangeable heads, 6-speed adjustment, and safety features, it's the perfect tool for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

  • Flexnest Premium Gun Body Massager: 

Powerful, lightweight, and equipped with 4 interchangeable heads, it delivers deep muscle treatment, while the long-lasting battery ensures extended use.


Agaro Vibrating Massage Mat with Pillow M8754

BLUETOP Massage Gun Professional Body Massager

Flexnest Premium German-Designed Vibration Gun Massager  


-5 different massage modes,

-Two lukewarm heat pads,

-maximum heat of 40° centigrade,

-3 variable vibration intensity levels,

-auto shut-off

-6 level speed,

-upto 3200 RPM,

-6 Interchangeable Massage Heads,

-15 minute auto-off,

-2500 Mah battery

-Hot/cold head,

-4 interchangeable heads,

-2000 Mah battery,

-Deep tissue percussion,



-Overheats protection features to ensure safe use,

-Relieve stress and fatigue

- Flexible & foldable

-safety protection,

-Anti-sweat slip,

-Minimalist design

-compact design,

-Upto 8°C cold therapy and upto 45°C hot therapy,

-Premium design


-Not suitable for deep kneading and shiatsu massage

-Makes loud noise

-User need to use it carefully because of high vibration






3.8 out of 5 

4.2 out of 5

4.6 out of 5 


Excellent Choice

It has 5 different massage modes & two lukewarm heat pads at the shoulder and lumbar area, generating maximum heat of 40-degree centigrade to relieve stress and fatigue, making your entire body feel comfortable & relaxed and also worth the money.

It works!!!

Works great on my lower back injury. Eases tension in neck muscles. Wish I had gotten it much sooner

Worth of this price

So satisfying

Where to Find the Best Deals on Full Body Massage Machine Price:

To get the best deals on full body massager machine price, consider checking online marketplaces, e-commerce websites, and authorized retailers. Look out for seasonal sales, promotions, and discounts. Above all, you can visit Agaro’s official website as Agaro is the leading brand that provides top-notch massagers at affordable prices. Currently it is offering up to 70% discount on its products that you can avail easily from its official website.



In conclusion, full body massage machines offer a cost-effective and convenient alternative to full body massage price in the spa. They provide a wide range of options at different prices, allowing you to find a machine that suits your budget and requirements. While numerous options are available in the market, choosing a reliable and reputable brand for a durable and effective product is essential. Agaro body massagers, for instance, are known for their quality craftsmanship and innovative features. Invest in a full body massage machine today and enjoy a soothing massage experience whenever you desire, without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: What factors should I consider when purchasing a full body massage machine?

Answer: Consider factors such as massage techniques, intensity levels, additional features, and brand reputation.

Q: Do higher-priced full body massage machines offer better features?

Higher-priced machines often come with more advanced features and customization options.

Q: Are there any discounts or promotions available for full body massage machines?

Yes, it's common to find discounts or promotional offers on full body massage machines, especially during sales events or online shopping festivals.