Vacuuming has become an integral part of modern living and vacuum cleaners have become our go-to for quick and efficient cleaning. So, whether we are sprucing up the upholstery around the house, cleaning dirty balconies or sweeping under the furniture and over the carpets, a handy vacuum cleaner does a great job. However, to get the best results and to derive the maximum benefits from your vacuuming routine, there are certain things that you should keep in mind and this read helps you do just that. So, keep reading and discover the handy dos and don’ts of using a vacuum cleaner for maximum benefit.


Pick up the bigger bits:

Pick up larger objects like small pebbles, bits of pet food, erasers or any larger bits from the floor before you start vacuuming the room. This is a necessary pre-requisite because these large bits might get stuck in the suction tube of your vacuum cleaner and hinder the efficiency with which your vacuum cleaner can pick up dirt.

So, pick up all the bigger bits beforehand to allow much more efficient cleaning. This will also prevent any damage to your vacuum cleaner and help it last much longer.

Use the appropriate attachment:

A good vacuum cleaner usually comes with multiple handy attachments that help you achieve greater cleaning. For example, the crevice nozzle when provided with the appliance helps pick up dirt and debris from the tricky corners and hard-to-reach areas of the room. It also helps clean the crevices of windows and the window screen efficiently. The floor brush helps clean floors of all kinds and can also be sued on balconies and for cleaning the stairs. Additionally, when equipped with a multipurpose cleaning brush, your vacuum cleaner home will help you clean the sofa, pet beds, curtains, mattresses, cushions and other upholstery items around the house.

Hence, use the appropriate attachments when using your vacuum cleaner and enjoy the benefits of much better cleaning.

Move the furniture:

Dust and dirt easily get accumulated under the furniture in your house and may spread all around the room if not cleaned properly on a regular basis. It also makes your house look unclean and unkempt. So, before you start vacuuming move all the furniture from their usual spots to achieve much better cleaning. Additionally, if you can’t move the larger pieces, remember to clean under them when trying to do a thorough job.



Clean hurriedly:

Don’t try to rush when you are using your handheld vacuum cleaner or any other vacuum cleaner around the house. Take things slow and concentrate on each spot carefully. This will ensure a much better cleaning than if you were just taking the vacuum cleaner over the surfaces hurriedly and haphazardly.

So, be patient and clean with care. This will help your vacuum cleaner do a much better job and prevent you from having to re-do the cleaning process again.

Operate with an over-filled jar or bag:

The dirt in a vacuum cleaner usually accumulates in a collecting container or a jar or a dust bag that is provided inside your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you do not use the vacuum cleaner with a dirty dust collector. This will reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and dim the cleaning efficiency of the appliance. Additionally, it may also cause the dust and dirt to escape and litter the air while you are vacuuming your space. So, make sure you empty the dust bag or container as it has the benefits of flawless and speedy cleaning.

Moreover, you can also go ahead and invest in a model that is packed with a feature that lets you know when it is time to empty the dust collecting jar and save yourself the hassle of checking it every time you want to clean.

Use without the filter attached:

The HEPA filter that is usually provided with a good vacuum cleaner helps trap small particles like dust, mold and pollens and keeps your home free of pesky allergens that aggravate seasonal allergies and other respiratory problems among your loved ones. This filter also helps prevent any kind of recirculation of the trapped particles from the vacuum cleaner. So, make sure you keep the filter on to keep your home allergen free and to help prevent the motor of your vacuum cleaner from getting jammed or clogged.


Now that you know the handy dos and don’ts of cleaning efficiently around the house using your vacuum cleaner, you can easily keep these tips in mind and benefit from the effects of a much superior kind of cleaning. So, make sure you follow them each time you clean around the house using your handy vacuum cleaner and enjoy the perks of living in a tidy house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What precautions should you take when using a vacuum cleaner?

A: Ensure the vacuum cleaner is in good condition, avoid vacuuming wet surfaces unless it's a wet/dry vacuum, do not block the air vents, and be cautious around small objects and loose cables to prevent damage or clogging.

Q: What are you not supposed to vacuum?

A: Avoid vacuuming large, hard objects that could cause blockages, hot ashes or coals, wet surfaces (unless using a wet/dry vacuum), and toxic substances like lead dust or asbestos.

Q: What should you not clean with a vacuum cleaner?

A: Do not use a vacuum cleaner on delicate fabrics that could be damaged, interior parts of electronics, or over sharp objects that could puncture the bag or hose.

Q: What are the 10 uses of a vacuum cleaner?

A: 10 uses of a vacuum cleaner

-Removing dust and dirt from carpets and upholstery.
-Cleaning hard floors.
-Dusting and cleaning curtains and drapes.
-Vacuuming pet hair from furniture and floors.
-Cleaning mattresses and bedding.
-Detailing car interiors.
-Removing cobwebs from ceilings and corners.
-Cleaning under furniture and in tight spaces.
-Refreshing closet spaces and drawers.
-Cleaning computer keyboards and electronic equipment with appropriate attachments.