Cooking is an art that requires not just skills but tools to bring out the best of flavours. There must have been times when you wished the food you cook at home tasted as it does in the restaurant. You might gather all the ingredients and follow the recipe to the t, but it might miss the x-factor. To achieve that, the kitchen needs the right appliances, as cooking at its core is the fusion of art and science. The equipment used for cooking will have a huge impact on the taste, and the OTG oven perfectly represents that.

What is an OTG?

OTGs are an oven-toaster grill combination with which you can cook various cuisines and varieties of cakes, kebabs, tikkas, etc., like a pro and delight your family with the yummiest treats. An OTG will be your prized possession if you are a cooking enthusiast.

The oven OTG has heating coils at the bottom and at the top of the oven. Some products come with a fan that ensures even distribution of heat, so the food cooks perfectly, keeping the flavours intact. Therefore, you can use OTG as ovens for baking, grilling, or toasting, depending on the requirement. It is a must-have appliance in every kitchen.

Guide for purchasing OTG

The market is flooded with varieties of OTG, so it comes down to your requirements and purposes when finding the right OTG oven. For example, a family of 5 members needs 19L-25L. OTG whereas, if you regularly host parties or have a homegrown cooking business, then OTG of higher capacity like 30-60 L is required. Apart from these, there are various other factors to consider when buying oven toaster grill OTG. So here we are mentioning some specifications that you should consider when purchasing an OTG.

1. Power consumption

An OTG that has higher wattage ensures faster cooking but leads to higher power consumption. On average, a 19L OTG would take up to 1200-1400W of power. As the capacity increases, so does the power consumption. So, it’s necessary to consider this factor and make a conscious decision when purchasing an OTG oven for kitchen. For people who need to make various batches of food regularly, which requires faster cooking, going with a higher wattage OTG is the best idea.

2. Location

Choosing an electric oven OTG is a great idea, but before buying one, you need to consider that they take up space. Mostly, OTGs are big appliances that cover up a bit of extra area. Always check the dimensions of the oven OTG and see if it will install perfectly in the dedicated area.

3. Controls

OTGs come with a control panel from where you manage the functionality aspect of the appliance. It comes in various types, and you have the choice to get the one that suits your needs.

  • Analog – These OTG ovens are long-lasting and are also budget-friendly. They have manual mechanical switches with knobs. Since everything has to be set manually, it can be less precise.
  • Digital – These have modern push buttons that are controlled electrically. Everything is set automatically, so they are more accurate. These oven toaster grill OTGs are common nowadays and are a bit pricey.

Basic components of the control panel:

  • Timer displays – you can set the timer for cooking.
  • Temperature cooking – you can set the right temperature required for cooking.
  • Thermostat – it helps in maintaining a preset temperature to avoid overcooking/overheating of the OTG oven.
  • Oven light – you can check the status of the food and see the interior of OTG while the food is getting prepared.

4. Functions

Other than using ovens for baking an OTG can be used for various functions like grilling, heating, toasting, broiling, etc. Most of the OTGs available in the market let you barbeque, roast, and bake, but few come with top-notch additional components that help in better cooking.

  • Rotisserie – Such an electric oven comes with a removable grill that has a turning spit. It ensures uniform and even grilling of the food. Grand 30L is one of the best OTGs with a motorised rotisserie with forks for spit roasting vegetables and meat.
  • Oven rack – This type of OTG lets you cook more than one dish at the same time. Just make sure the OTG oven is from a reputed brand and is durable.
  • Convection technology – Certain OTG ovens also come with convection heating modes that allow for much faster cooking times as well as more consistent heating for superior results.
  • Glassdoor and illuminated chamber – OTG ovens commonly come with heat-resistant tempered glass windows with illuminated chambers to give you a good view of your food while cooking.

5. Accessories

In general, OTGs come with various accessories depending on the cooking preference. You can get accessories like a crumb tray, wire rack, tongs, baking tray, skewer rods, etc. You can also get additional components like a rotisserie set or a motorised rotisserie for more conventional use.

6. Price

The price tag is a huge factor to consider when deciding on an oven toaster grill OTG. The appliance should be within your budget and provide maximum functionality. Keep in mind higher capacity OTGs will cost more, and it applies to features too.

As the requirement for additional features increases, the OTG oven price point gets higher too. So, it's best to note down the important features you absolutely need along with capacity. Streamline your search within the set requirements when selecting an oven for kitchen. Marvel 19L is one such OTG that is reasonably priced for the additional features and specifications it provides.

  • Warranty

It's best to choose an OTG that comes with a warranty. Consider the type of warranty provided by the brand you select, as it will help in avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs.

These are some of the important features you should consider when selecting the OTG oven. Apart from these, you should also keep in mind the dimensions, heat resistant handles, cord length, glass doors, illumination source, etc.

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