Dental care has come a long way from chewing tree twigs, porcupine quill, and the first manual toothbrush to electric toothbrushes supported by advanced apps. Today, we see a new generation of tools for dental hygiene that make oral care easy. You can think of an electric brush as a manual toothbrush with the added benefits of modern technology.

AGARO Cosmic Sonic Electric Toothbrush

An average toothbrush that's electric easily lasts up to 3-5 years. However, the way you treat it, store it, and use it also determines its lifespan. But before we jump into ways you can take care of your electric toothbrush, let's find out why they are better for oral care and how to use electric toothbrush effectively?

What Makes Electric Toothbrushes the Best?

An automatic toothbrush uses a battery to vibrate the bristles on the brush head so that it effectively removes plaques. If you've used an electric brush before, you may have noticed that the initial electric toothbrushes worked with a back-and-forth motion. But this simply simulated manual toothbrushes and was not any more efficient than the manual ones.

Today, oral care tool brands like AGARO deliver a new generation of toothbrushes like the Cosmic Plus and the Cosmic Sonic electric toothbrushes for adults. What makes them different, you wonder? These state-of-the-art toothbrushes are based on superior sonic technology and generate 40,000 strokes per minute, which is nearly ten times faster than a normal electric toothbrush. In these tools, the whole brush head vibrates rather than just a simple side-to-side motion which makes cleaning teeth more effective.

Agaro's sonic toothbrushes also come with a set of five DuPont Heads whose bristles fit the shape of your teeth, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas easily. What sets these brushes apart are the five cleaning modes based on your oral care needs and their long-lasting battery.

AGARO Electric Toothbrush

These smart toothbrushes also have the following benefits:

  • Three times more efficient than a manual toothbrush at removing plaque.
  • Prevent tooth decay, tartar, and stains.
  • Massage your gum line to give you stronger gums and curb gum diseases.
  • A built-in timer reminds you to change sides, allowing you to clean your entire mouth properly.
  • These rechargeable toothbrushes help you avoid purchasing batteries frequently.

Since these sonic toothbrushes take such good care of you, it is also crucial that you, in turn, take care of your electric toothbrush.

Care Tips to Make the Best Electric Toothbrushes Last Longer

Here are four ways you can increase the lifespan of your electric toothbrush.

Clean Thoroughly

  • Rinse the brush head with the toothbrush on before and after brushing.
  • Detach the brush head and rinse it separately
  • Dry it. Ensure there is no residual water in the brush head or handle.
  • Leave the handle to dry in an upright position.
  • You can also sanitize the brush head by soaking it in antibacterial mouthwash for 2 minutes.

Store It Right

  • Always store your toothbrush handle on its side to stop water from seeping into the inner workings of the brush.
  • Store the head in a dry area to avoid mold or bacteria growth.
  • Avoid using closed toothbrush holders as they promote bacterial growth.

Prolonging Battery Life

  • Fully charge your brush before the first use.
  • Avoid overcharging your electric toothbrush. And try to wait until the battery is nearly run down before recharging it.
  • Avoid leaving the toothbrush on its charger between uses.
  • Unplug your charger when it’s not required to save electricity and maximize its operational life.

Head Replacement

Change the brush head:

  • Every 3-4 months as a general rule
  • When the bristles are frayed
  • If others use your toothbrush

According to the Oral Health Organization, over 12 million people in the UK switched to electric toothbrushes from 2016 to 2020. And now you may know why. Want to buy an electric toothbrush? Explore Agaro's sonic toothbrushes and find the right one for you today on AGARO Lifestyle!