A well-equipped kitchen is every cook's dream, and a versatile knife set is at its heart. But what makes it even better? A kitchen knife set with covers. In this blog, we'll dive into why having a knife set with covers is essential, guide you through the process of selecting the right one, and unveil the top five options available in India. Prepare to slice and dice precisely while keeping your knives safe and protected.

Importance of having a Kitchen Knife Set with Covers

Safety First

One of the primary reasons for using knife covers is safety. They provide a protective shield for the sharp blades, reducing the risk of accidental cuts. Covers keeping your hands safe, whether you're reaching into a drawer or carrying knives to a different location.

Preserving Blade Sharpness

Knife covers are more than safety measures; they are guardians of blade sharpness. By shielding the blade's edge from contact with other utensils, hard surfaces, or even air, covers help maintain the knife's sharpness over time, the same as a professional chef knife set with case does.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

In a busy kitchen, dust and debris can settle on exposed knife blades. With a professional chef knife set with case or cover, you ensure your knives remain clean and hygienic between uses. This is especially important when you're preparing food for your family or guests.

Organization and Storage

Kitchen knife sets with covers often have designated slots or compartments for each knife. This organization keeps your kitchen tidy and ensures each knife has its place, making it easy to locate the right one quickly.


If you love outdoor cooking, picnics, or camping, unlike a knife set with stand a kitchen knife set with covers is your travel companion. The covers protect your knives and other items in your bag from potential damage.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Knife Set with Covers?

Blade Types and Quantity

Evaluate the knives you often use. A well-rounded set typically includes a chef's knife, utility knife, paring knife, and bread knife. Ensure the set matches your cooking style.

Blade Material

Look for blades made from high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is rust-resistant, durable, and maintains sharpness well. It's a reliable choice for long-term use.

Handle Comfort

Consider the handle design. Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended cooking sessions. Choose handles that feel comfortable in your hand.

Cover Material

Examine the quality of the covers. Durable and easy-to-clean cover materials, such as plastic or nylon, are preferable. They should snugly fit the knife, securing it in place.

Size and Storage

Assess your kitchen space and storage options. Some knife set with stand have wooden blocks or magnetic strips for easy access and storage. Ensure the set you choose fits your available space.


Determine your budget. A professional chef knife set with case or cover comes in a wide price range. While quality is essential, there are options to suit various budgets.

Exploring 5 Best Kitchen Knife Set with Covers in India

AgaroRoyal Knife Set of 6pcs SS Black

A sleek and stylish six-piece knife set featuring stainless steel blades and comfortable black handles, offering both functionality and a modern aesthetic to your kitchen.

Agaro Royal Knife Set of 6pcs SS Multi Color:

A colorful and convenient six-piece knife set with stainless steel blades, ideal for various culinary tasks.

STAR WORK 6 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set with Covers:

A comprehensive set of six high-carbon stainless steel knives with black color-coated blades and safety covers.

Michelangelo Kitchen Knife Set 10 Piece with Nonstick Stone Covers:

A professional-grade ten-piece knife set featuring stainless steel blades and unique nonstick stone covers for blade protection.

Q'sica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set with Blade Covers, 3 Pieces Set:

A compact three-piece knife set with stainless steel blades and non-stick coating, including blade covers for safety and precision.

Comparing 5 Best Kitchen Knife Set With Covers 


AgaroRoyal Knife Set of 6pcs SS Black

Agaro Royal Knife Set of 6pcs SS Multi Color

STAR WORK 6 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set with Covers

Michelangelo Kitchen Knife Set 10 Piece with Nonstick Stone Covers

Q'sica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set with Blade Covers, 3 Pieces Set


Stylish Design, 

High-Quality Materials, 

Versatile Set, 

Comfortable Handles, 

Each knife is equipped with a safety cover.

Vibrant multi-color design, 

Stainless steel blades,

Covers for blade safety and protection,  

Versatile knives for various cooking tasks, 

Agaro's reputation for quality kitchen appliances. 

Comprehensive set of six knives, 

Black color-coated blades for a modern look,

Ergonomic design for comfort and control, 

Suitable for both professional and home chefs. 

Professional-grade 10-piece set, 

Unique nonstick stone covers for blade protection,  

Versatile knives suitable for various culinary tasks,  

Ideal for home, restaurant, or chef use, 

High-quality stainless steel blades.

Compact and budget-friendly set,  

Non-stick coating for precision and ease of use, 

Blade covers included for added safety, 

Compact design suitable for smaller kitchens,  

Budget-friendly option without compromising quality.


A bit expensive

None Specified

Some users may prefer a larger set

May be expensive for some users

Limited to three knives, not a comprehensive set


6 stainless steel knives, 

Black color design for a modern look, 

Ergonomic handles for comfortable use, Versatile set suitable for various cooking tasks.

6 stainless steel knives with covers, 

Non-slip grip, Non-stick color coated blades, 

High carbon stainless steel blades.

6 high-carbon stainless steel knives with covers, 

10 stainless steel knives with nonstick stone covers, 

High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades

3 stainless steel knives with non-stick coating and blade cover

Actual Price

Rs. 2,299

Rs. 2,499

Rs 1,499

Rs 2,098

Rs 599







Deal Price

Rs. 1,225

Rs. 1,378

Rs 473

Rs 1,259

Rs 1,290








Superior comfort & non-slip grip

Versatile and functional

Suitable for various culinary tasks

Professional-grade precision and durability

Compact and precise for everyday use


The entire set comes with extra sharpness and so easy to cut. While cleaning no water stains on the knife so no chance of damage.. All knifes comes with cover so easy to handle too. Totally worth buying👍

If I had known about this product earlier, frankly speaking I would have saved so much money from buying small knifes. These are SHARP. I mean really sharp.... Cuts like butter. So use it very patiently and with concentration. 🔪 The longer length is easy to chop hard vegetables such as carrots .

Poor quality fragile material, not at all sharp

The set is beautiful and the knives are great for the price, but the part pictured that the peeler is supposed to hang on did not come with the set at all. Not worth returning for this price, just disappointed.

Design very good. Safety cover good. Cutting sharp working not properly.

Agaro offers the best knife set in India with covers and more at affordable prices. Visit its official website to purchase more of its products.



Choosing the right kitchen knife set with covers is more than just a culinary decision; it's about safety, longevity, and convenience. With the right set, you can unleash your culinary creativity while ensuring your knives are protected and ready for action. Whether you opt for Agaro's vibrant set or Michelangelo's professional-grade knives, make an informed choice to enhance your cooking experience. Remember, your knives are your allies in the kitchen, and taking good care of them starts with the right covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the knives in the Agaro Royal Knife Set of 6pcs SS Black dishwasher safe?

Hand-washing these knives is recommended to maintain their sharpness and longevity.

Q: Can I use these knives for cutting through bones or frozen food?

These knives are not designed for heavy-duty tasks like cutting through bones or frozen items; they are best suited for general kitchen use.

Q: Do the knife covers provide good blade protection?

Yes, the safety covers included with each knife offer effective protection for both the blades and users, ensuring safe storage and transport.