If you're a cooking enthusiast looking for the perfect oven to prepare succulent roasts and delectable dishes, an OTG with rotisserie is an ideal choice. Among the numerous options available in the market, finding the best OTG oven with rotisserie can be a daunting task. However, we have narrowed down the search for you by exploring various brands and their features. In this blog, we will discuss the top five options in India that stand out for their exceptional features and performance.

Features to Consider When Buying an OTG With Rotisserie

  1. Capacity: Look for an OTG with rotisserie that offers sufficient cooking space to accommodate your recipes and roasts.
  2. Power and Temperature Control: Ensure the OTG oven provides precise temperature control and sufficient power for efficient cooking.
  3. Rotisserie Functionality: Check for a reliable and well-built rotisserie feature to enjoy perfectly cooked, evenly roasted meat.
  4. Safety Features: Look for safety elements like auto-shutoff, heat-resistant handles, and a tempered glass door to avoid accidents.
  5. Additional Accessories: Choose an OTG that comes with baking trays, grill racks, skewers, and other useful accessories to enhance your cooking experience.

5 Best OTG With Rotisserie in India

Agaro Majestic OTG

Meet the Agaro Majestic OTG - a 5-in-1 oven with rotisserie, adjustable temperature, motorized rotisserie for spit-roasting, and safety features like auto shut-off. 1280W power, it's the perfect addition to your kitchen!

Agrao Imperial Digital OTG Oven

The Agaro Imperial Digital OTG Oven: 28L capacity, 1500W power, and 10 intelligent preset functions with LCD display. Comes with convection heating, motorized rotisserie, adjustable temperature, timer, tempered glass door, and essential accessories for versatile cooking.

Agaro Royal OTG Oven 60L

Experience versatile cooking with roast, bake, grill, and toast functions. Enjoy motorized rotisserie, convection technology, adjustable temperature, timer with Stay-On function, and safety features like auto shut off and ready bell. The heat-resistant tempered glass window and illuminated chamber add convenience and style to your cooking experience.

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 30SSRC OTG

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 30SSRC OTG features double heating elements, 6-way cooking settings, rotisserie, convection baking, and energy-efficient performance. Compact design, see-through glass door, 2-year warranty, and essential accessories included.

Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS 45 Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS 45L OTG offers a spacious capacity, versatile baking, grilling, and toasting options. Durable stainless steel body, 1200W heating element, and essential accessories included.

Comparison of the 5 Best OTG With Rotisserie Features


Agaro Majestic OTG 

Agrao Imperial Digital OTG Oven 

Agaro Royal OTG Oven 60L

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 30SSRC OTG (30 Liters) with Motorised Rotisserie and Convection

Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS 45 Litre Oven Toaster Grill


-19 Liter capacity,

-5 Heating Modes,

-Adjustable temperature range from 100°C to 250°C,

-Motorized rotisserie with forks

-Illuminated chamber

-28 liter capacity

-10 Preset cooking functions

-Convection heating function for even and fast cooking

-Adjustable temperature knob up to 232°C and timer up to 100 minutes

-Includes grill rack, bake pan, tray handle, rotisserie fork, rotisserie handle, crumb tray

-3 Heating Modes,

-Convection technology,

-Adjustable temperature range from 100°C to 250°C,

-Heat-Resistant Tempered Glass Window

-30 Liter capacity,

-4  stage selector,

-Adjustable temperature range from 100°-250°C,

-Convection function

-45 liter capacity,

-60-minute timer,

-Convection mode for better and fluffier food output,

-Temperature control range from 0°-250° 


-Versatile cooking options,

-Automatic thermostat and auto shut-off safety feature,

-Durable alloy steel construction

-Illuminated chamber

-Ready bell

-Start, pause, and cancel function

-Even and Fast Cooking,

-Auto shut off safety feature,

-Timer and Stay-On Function for precise cooking

-Versatile Cooking,

-Shut off bell

-Illumination Lamp

-Stainless steel design,

-Large capacity for 5-8 people,

-Easy to clean


-Limited capacity may not be suitable for larger families,

-Comparatively costly


-Large size may need a considerable amount of space

-Takes time to reach to desire temperature


-Does not have an illuminated chamber








4.0 out of 5 

4.3 out of 5

4.3 out of 5 

3.9 out of 5

4.0 out of 5


Worth buying:

Very good otg at this price range

It has rotisserie rod which most of the other otgs doesn't have at 19 litre in this price range.

Decent build quality, overall nice product.

Simply awesome

Its the best otg iam very happy to purchace this product its easy to used


Product is good working fine easy to use but wire length is very short.product handling is not good by delivery partner.


Nice product with in reasonable price & service is very good.

Good product

For beginners this is most suitable.

Agaro is the best OTG oven brand in India that offers premium OTGs. Visit its official website to buy its products at a highly affordable price.


Where to Buy the Best OTG With Rotisserie?

To find the best OTG oven with rotisserie, we suggest checking reputable online marketplaces like Amazon, offering various brands, competitive prices, reliable reviews, and convenient delivery. You can also buy directly from trusted brands like Agaro, which offers exclusive deals, and discounts for a cost-effective purchase. For example, currently, they are offering an additional 10% discount on their premium OTGs that you can easily avail from their official website.


In conclusion, an OTG with rotisserie is an indispensable kitchen companion for succulent roasts and delightful dishes. After reviewing the top five OTG ovens in India, it is evident that each product has its unique strengths and features. However, for those seeking the best OTG oven brand with a rotisserie that stands out in terms of performance, reliability, and brand value, Agaro OTG ovens emerge as the clear winners. Their exceptional rotisserie functionality, advanced features, and positive customer reviews make them the ultimate choice for any cooking enthusiast. So, upgrade your culinary experience with an Agaro OTG and elevate your roasting game to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can I use the rotisserie feature for vegetables as well as meat?

Yes, the rotisserie feature in OTG ovens is designed to roast both meat and vegetables, giving you delicious and evenly cooked results.

Q2 What is the difference between an OTG with rotisserie and a regular oven?

An OTG with rotisserie provides the added feature of a rotating spit for even roasting of meat, while a regular oven lacks this functionality.

Q3 Is it necessary to preheat the OTG before using the rotisserie feature?

Preheating the OTG is recommended for optimal results when using the rotisserie feature, to ensure even cooking from the beginning.