A car washer pump is essential for keeping our cars clean and shiny. While pre-made car washer pumps are readily available, some automotive enthusiasts prefer to create their own homemade car washer pump. In this blog post, we will compare pre-made and homemade car washer pumps to determine which option reigns supreme regarding performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Difference Between Pre-Made and Homemade Car Washer Pump:

To better understand the variances between pre-made and homemade car washer pump, let's examine the key factors in the table below:


Pre-Made Car Washer Pump

Homemade Car Washer Pump

Car Washer Spare Parts

Standardized and Readily Available

May require custom components

Pressure Washer Pump for Car Wash

Designed specifically for car washing

It can be adapted for various applications

Performance and Reliability

Tested and manufactured with quality control

Depend on individual craftsmanship and components

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

Simplified due to standardized parts

It may require more effort in sourcing or crafting replacements


Generally higher initial cost, but more durable and reliable

Lower initial cost, but reliability may vary

Factors to Consider for Choosing Between Pre-Made and Homemade Car Washer Pump:

Spare Parts Availability: 

Pre-made pumps benefit from standardized car washer spare parts, readily available in the market, making maintenance and repairs easier. Homemade car washer pumps may require custom components, which can be time-consuming to source or create.

Customization Potential: 

Homemade pumps offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the pump to your specific requirements. However, this customization comes at the expense of additional effort in sourcing or crafting custom components.

Suitability for Car Washing: 

Pre-made pumps are designed specifically for car washing, undergoing rigorous testing, and are manufactured with quality control. While adaptable for various applications, homemade pumps may lack the specialized design and performance optimization for car washing.

Reliability and Performance: 

Pre-made pumps have tested designs and quality control measures, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Homemade pumps rely on the individual's skill and expertise and the components' quality, potentially resulting in varying levels of reliability and performance.

Maintenance and Repairs: 

Pre-made pumps benefit from standardized spare parts, simplifying maintenance and repairs with readily available replacements. Homemade pumps may require more effort in sourcing or crafting replacements, posing challenges in terms of availability and compatibility.


Pre-made pumps typically have a higher initial cost but offer durability and reliability over time, resulting in potential cost savings. Homemade pumps have a lower initial cost but may vary in reliability, requiring consideration of long-term cost implications.

How to Make a Homemade Car Washer Pump?

If you decide to embark on the DIY route and create your own homemade car washer pump, here's a step-by-step guide to getting you started:

  1. Gather the necessary components, including a high-pressure water pump, a suitable electric motor, pressure hoses, fittings, and other accessories.
  2. Ensure that the selected water pump can handle high-pressure applications and has a suitable flow rate for efficient car washing.
  3. Assemble the pump and motor, ensuring they are securely mounted and aligned.
  4. Connect the inlet and outlet hoses, ensuring they are properly secured with appropriate fittings.
  5. Install necessary safety features, such as pressure relief valves and bypass systems, to protect the pump and ensure optimal operation.
  6. Connect the pump to a suitable power source, such as an electric outlet or a battery, depending on the chosen motor type.
  7. Test the homemade car washer pump to ensure it operates smoothly and delivers the desired pressure for effective cleaning.

Top Car Washers with High Pressure Washer Pump For Car Wash:

Here is a list of top pressure washer pump for car wash:

Agaro Supreme High Pressure Washer:

The Agaro Supreme High Pressure Washer features a powerful 1800-watt motor and a maximum pressure of 120 Bars. With a flow rate of 6.5 L/min, it ensures efficient cleaning. It comes with adjustable nozzles and an 8-meter hose for added convenience.


  • 120 Bars maximum pressure
  • 1800 Watt powerful motor
  • 6.5 tt/min water flow
  • Dual inlet options
  • Self priming
  • Auto shut off to save energy
  • 8-meter outlet hose and 3-meter inlet hose


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized cleaning tasks
  • Easy to store and transport


  • There is no space in the washer unit to tie the power chord back.
  • Difficult to pack and store after usage.

Agaro Royal High Pressure Washer:

The Agaro Royal High Pressure Washer boasts a robust 1800-watt motor with a maximum pressure of 140 Bars. It has a flow rate of 7 L/min and comes with adjustable nozzles and a 5-meter outlet hose.


  • 1800 Watt motor
  • High pressure upto 140 Bars
  • 7l/min
  • 5-meter outlet hose
  • Automatic shut off
  • Self-priming


  • It comes with a wide range of accessories,
  • Turbo cleaning experience,
  • Multi-purpose use 


  • High noise level

Agaro Grand High Pressure Washer:

The Agaro Grand High Pressure Washer features a 1500-watt motor with a maximum pressure of 110 Bars. It offers a flow rate of 6.5 L/min and comes with adjustable nozzles and a 5-meter hose.


  • 110 Bars maximum pressure 
  • 1500 Watt motor
  • 6.5 l/min flow rate
  • 5-meter hose
  • Automatically shut off the pump
  • Self priming


  • Multiple cleaning purposes,
  • Free turbo nozzles,
  • Easy to move
  • Wide range of accessories


  • High noise levels,
  • Hose length is small

Inalsa High Pressure Washer: 

The Inalsa High Pressure Washer Professional PowerShot is a powerful cleaning tool with a 2000W motor, delivering exceptional performance. With a maximum pressure of 140 Bar and a flow rate of 420 l/h, it effortlessly removes dirt and grime. The self-priming feature, 16m cleaning range, and included accessories make it a versatile and convenient choice for all your cleaning needs.


  • 140 bar maximum pressure
  • 2000 Watt motor
  • 420 lt/h flow rate
  • Self Priming 
  • Overheat protection
  • 5-meter power cord


  • Silent performer and safe design,
  • It comes with a perfect tool kit
  • Dual-purpose suction or self-priming


  • Not compatible with third-party attachments
  • Hose length is small

iBELL WIND55 Universal Motor: 

The iBELL WIND55 High Pressure Washer is a powerful cleaning tool designed for cars, bikes, and home cleaning tasks. A 1600W universal motor delivers a maximum pressure of 130 Bar and a flow rate of 7L/min, ensuring efficient dirt and grime removal. The sleek black and orange design adds a touch of style while providing exceptional performance for all your cleaning needs.


  • 130 Bar maximum pressure 
  • 1600 W motor 
  • 7L/min flow rate
  • 5-meter hose length
  • 7 liters tank volume


  • Compact and portable
  • Versatile 
  • Easy to use 


  • Only 30 min runtime
  • 6 Amp plug required


While homemade car washer pump offer customization flexibility, pre-made car washers with high-pressure pumps, such as Agaro's high-pressure car washer, offer the benefits of standardized car washer spare parts, optimized performance, and reliable operation. These pre-made options are designed for car washing, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, they utilize standardized car washer spare parts, making maintenance and repairs hassle-free. Considering the convenience, performance, and reliability factors, investing in a pre-made car washer with a high-pressure pump like the AGARO pressure washer seems to be the superior choice over a homemade car washer pump for most automotive enthusiasts. You can easily buy its premium car washers from its official website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are homemade car washer pumps as effective as pre-made ones?

The effectiveness of homemade car washer pumps depends on the skill of the individual crafting them and the components' quality. In contrast, pre-made pumps are designed for optimal performance and reliability.

Can I save money by making a homemade car washer pump?

Homemade car washer pumps may have a lower initial cost, but long-term reliability and performance can vary, while pre-made pumps offer durability and standardized spare parts.

Are pre-made car washer pumps difficult to maintain?

Pre-made car washer pumps are generally easier to maintain due to the availability of standardized spare parts, simplifying repairs and replacements compared to homemade pumps.