Want to make pizza or grilled chicken at home? Or, do you wish to bake your favorite cake or cookies to satisfy your craving? Be it baking, toasting, roasting or grilling- you need a good oven toaster grill or OTG to prepare your desired dish at home. Wondering how to purchase the right OTG from so many models available? Well, you must go through this buying guide to learn about the things that you should keep in mind to make the best use of a functional oven toaster grill with a great built. A good oven uses rotisserie function and convection technology to cook food faster and consistently.

  • Size or capacity of the oven

The first thing you must clarify before you buy an OTG is its capacity or the size of the oven. You should check the space of the oven interiors where you will put in the container to grill, bake or heat the food item. Depending on the size of your family, you’ll have to make out whether you need a small or large oven to prepare your food. Say, your family has 2 or 4 members. Then, you’ll need to find out an OTG with less than or around 19 liters of capacity for the first instance and one with 20 to 30 liters for the latter. And if your family has 6 members or more, you’ll need an oven with more than 30 liters of capacity to bake or grill healthy and tasty recipes.


  • Presence of a motorized rotisserie

Do look for a motorized rotisserie in the OTG you’re planning to buy as this feature is essential to roast chicken or vegetables in your own home. This is something you must ensure so that you can quickly put the veggies or meat on the rotisserie rod and insert it in the oven. You’ll be surprised how the circular movement inside the OTG leads to seamless cooking of the meat or barbeque to make it tender, soft and lip-smacking.

  • Purpose of usage

After you’re sure about the size of the OTG, you must know about its utility in the kitchen. Want to cook kebab or baked potatoes in it? Confused about whether or not you can place foil inside it? If you intend to cook all kinds of food in it, you must opt for a big OTG with a large capacity on which you can set the timer as needed to make yummy pizzas, pastries and other well-cooked meal options that will retain their appetizing flavors.

  • Temperature settings

Acquire information about the temperature controlling system of the OTG. Look for a temperature control knob that will help you set your preferred cooking temperature at a range of 90 to 230 degree Celsius to guarantee that the dish is cooked properly and uniformly to bring out its true flavor, aroma and texture.

After considering these points, you can proceed with the buying process to get hold of a sturdy and useful convection OTG of 30L, 38L, 48L, or as per your required capacity. Just browse through the products section of a recognized lifestyle brand to buy a OTG oven baking device comprising high-end features like a removable grill rack, crumb tray, smooth buttons and other top-grade features. This will make it feasible for you to make well-cooked dishes in such an OTG which functions using ultra-modern technology making way for you to efficiently bake, roast, grill or heat mouth-watering recipes of your choice.