Who doesn’t love munching on some incredibly lip-smacking cakes, grills, and roasts? We all do, but as our health is important to us, ordering these regularly is not a feasible option. However, if you are hoping to dish out such tasty bakes, roasts, grilled foods, and more right in the comfort of your home bringing home an OTG oven can revolutionize your cooking game, in no time.

With a handy oven toaster grill at your disposal, you do not have to worry about your health and can happily indulge in several homemade savories. You can bake and happily dish out some incredible dinners for your friends and family. However, before you start browsing online to find the perfect oven toaster grill for yourself, there are some key features that you should look for. These features will help you narrow down on the best possible OTG and assist you to cook up a storm!

So, keep reading to know the top features.

Keep in mind the usage

Before you splurge on an OTG for your kitchen like any other electric oven, you should keep in mind how many people you want your OTG to cater to. For individuals and smaller families, smaller-sized OTGs are a perfect match. For four or greater than four persons or for someone who intends to use their OTG for professional reasons, models with capacities of 30L and above are better to opt for.

Watch out for the heating modes

Similar to the various ovens for baking, OTGs also offer a wide range of heating modes that help you cook several dishes in it. By investing in one with three heating modes, you can choose to switch to top heating and give your bakes great crusts. With foods, that need even cooking, you can adjust the OTG for top and bottom heating and do more.

Additionally, with some OTGs, you can also choose top convection heating, top and bottom convection heating, and more. To cook easily, make sure you choose an OTG that comes equipped with the required heating modes that cater to your cooking needs.

A great rotisserie for some incredible roasts

Some models of the OTG come with an additional rotisserie feature complete with forks. So, if you are a fan of spit-roasted vegetables and meats and would not mind the occasional binge, bring home an OTG that comes with this rotisserie feature and enjoy your dinners with some lip-smacking delicacies.

Make sure that your OTG comes with auto shut-off and ready bell features

The auto shut-off is a handy safety feature and a must-have in your OTG oven. It helps your OTG to turn off instantly when the required duration of cooking is over. This combined with the ready bell feature promptly notifies you that your food is cooked. This prevents you from checking your food from time to time while it is being cooked. So, make sure you look for this winning combination when investing in an OTG oven for kitchen.

Additionally, if you choose an OTG that has a timer function that comes with a stay-on feature, it will be even more advantageous.

Choose an OTG that offers a wide adjustable temperature range

In order to ensure that you can cook a wide variety of foods, choosing an OTG that offers a wide adjustable temperature range is very important. For example, cooking souffle requires a lower temperature, while some bakes like pizzas or loaves of bread require a higher temperature.

So, choose an OTG that has a wide temperature range, preferably between 90/100-230/250 degrees. This will offer you much flexibility when cooking in it.

Look for some handy attachments in your OTG

Additional handy attachments like a crumb tray, grill rack, and food tray are great if included in your OTG oven.

Having a crumb tray at the bottom helps collect all the bits of food that can be retrieved and cleaned easily. A handy grill rack and a food tray that comes with your OTG will prevent you from buying additional ones when you want to grill and bake something, respectively.


If your OTG comes equipped with the motorized rotisserie feature you will also get a rotisserie handle and fork with it. These will help you spit-roast vegetables and meat and enjoy some delicious and lip-smacking grills right in the comfort of your home.

Additional features to look for when buying your OTG

Make sure your OTG uses stainless steel in its make. This will make it incredibly easy to clean and will also be quite durable. Additionally, investing in an OTG with a cool touch handle will ensure added safety every time you use your oven toaster grill.

Now that you know what essential features to look for in your OTG, choose a brand that offers models with competitive OTG oven price without compromising on the quality, the make, or the features included. Narrow down on a model of your choice and get yourself this incredible kitchen appliance, today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose an OTG oven?

A: When choosing an OTG oven, consider factors such as capacity, temperature range, preset functions, build quality, and additional features like rotisserie or convection. Your cooking needs and the size of your household should guide your choice.

Q: Which OTG is recommended?

A: The AGARO Grand OTG 30 Litres is highly recommended. It offers a great combination of size, versatility, and features, making it suitable for a wide range of baking, grilling, and toasting needs.

Q: How many Litres of OTG is best for baking?

A: The best capacity for an OTG depends on your baking needs and the size of your family. For most households, a 20 to 30-litre OTG is sufficient for everyday baking, grilling, and roasting tasks.

Q: Is 25 litre OTG enough?

A: Yes, a 25-litre OTG is enough for most small to medium-sized families. It can handle a variety of tasks, from baking cakes and cookies to grilling meats and vegetables, making it a versatile option for everyday cooking.