One of the most essential cleaning items in any home is the handheld vacuum cleaner. It is among the more expensive cleaning products you truly cannot live without. Handheld vacuums are not only essential for maintaining clean carpets; they can also be used to sweep hard floors and clean upholstery. Read on to know more about the top mistakes to avoid while using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Do not use a soiled filter

Every handheld vacuum cleaner needs to have a dust container. Over time, dirt gathers in these containers, filling the bags to the point that they need to be emptied. Certain vacuums may come with instructions to inform when to empty the bag and when you should look for the bag full light indicator. However, you should never wait until the bag-full indicator appears. This is due to the fact that, by the time the indicator turns on, the contents of the bin might reduce your vacuum's effectiveness and possibly lead to overheating.

Therefore, it is advised that you empty the bags often. The frequency should be based on how often you use the vacuum in a given period of time. Also, if it is feasible, empty the trash bags at the end of each week.

Change / clean the filters

Every vacuum has filters that are designed to filter the air entering the vacuum and keep it from returning to the room. These filters occasionally build up a lot of dirt and need to be cleaned. It is advisable to check your user manual to see whether the filters of your device can be cleaned or whether it needs to be changed. Clean the filters according to the instructions in the user manual.


Avoid the use of Baking Soda with Vacuum

Cleaning of many surfaces involves the use of chemical baking soda. But it is not advised that you use it along with an electric device. This is due to the potential of baking soda to interfere with the motor, reduce the vacuum effectiveness, and ultimately lead to significant, irreparable damage.

Neglecting to dust your floor prior to vacuuming

It is suggested that you dust your floor before you vacuum it. This is how a handheld vacuum can be maintained and cared for in the best possible way. Dusting the surface helps get rid of any filth and dust, which can reduce the load on the vacuum and spare the filters and dust bins. Also, make sure that you do not vacuum glass, sharp objects, petrochemicals & inflammable objects. After dusting, use your vacuum to remove any remaining dirt on the floor as well as any airborne particles in the room. Compared to using a vacuum before dusting the surfaces, you can get better results after vacuum cleaning.

Using improper attachments

When using a vacuum cleaner, dusting brushes and crevice tools are your best friends. Crevice tools and brushes can make it easy to remove dust from flat surfaces. Additionally, these attachments make it easy to clean germ-filled hard-to-reach places including upholstery, light fixtures, baseboards, and lampshades.

Vacuuming too soon

To get rid of dust and allergens, you need to take enough time to vacuum floors and other flat surfaces. Slow vacuuming enables the vacuum to collect dust and grime, keeping the carpets and rugs clean in the meantime. Slow vacuuming also allows the brushes of the machine to agitate the carpet thoroughly and collect any dirt.

Vacuuming glass

Even if you are using a strong vacuum cleaner, it is best to avoid vacuuming a few things - such as broken glass. Your handheld vacuuming appliance can easily be damaged by shattered glass. Glass fragments have the potential to damage its canister or clog its hose. The easiest way to clean up shattered glass is to sweep the area to get rid of the pieces. Before vacuuming, pick up the smaller pieces of glass from the floor with a moist paper towel.

Sweeping in a single direction

Many homeowners commit this typical error. You can only get rid of the dust by vacuuming your carpet or any other surface. However, vacuuming does not completely remove all of the dirt from the surface of your carpet or sofa. Allergens and hidden dirt in the home can be removed by vacuuming in both directions.

Final Words

In a modern home, where most family members busy lives or suffer from allergies or both, vacuum cleaners are a godsend. The challenge with using a handheld vacuum cleaner is that there are so many things to take care of. It is recommended that you keep these important tips in consideration in order to make the best choice. Also look for ones that combine cutting-edge cyclonic technology along with tried-and-tested HEPA filters. Get yourself a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner today!