Air fryers have become increasingly popular among home cooks who want to enjoy crispy and delicious meals without excess oil. A small air fryer is the way to go if you're looking for a compact and powerful solution to prepare your favorite dishes effortlessly. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of owning a small air fryer, discuss essential factors to consider and present the top 5 small air fryers available in India.

Benefits of a Small Air Fryer:

  1. Healthier Cooking: With a small air fryer, you can achieve the same crispy texture and delicious taste as deep-fried foods but with significantly less oil. This means you can enjoy guilt-free versions of your favorite dishes.
  2. Time and Energy Efficient: Small air fryers are designed to cook food quickly, thanks to their powerful heating elements and efficient air circulation. They can reduce cooking time by up to 20%, making them a convenient option for busy individuals or families.
  3. Versatility: Apart from frying, small air fryers can also be used for baking in air fryer, grilling, roasting, and even reheating leftovers. They offer various cooking options, allowing you to experiment with different recipes and techniques.
  4. Easy to Clean: Most small air fryers come with removable parts that are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. This saves you time and effort in the kitchen, ensuring that cooking remains an enjoyable experience.
  5. Compact Size: Small air fryers take up minimal counter space, making them ideal for small kitchens or those with limited storage. Despite their compact size, they offer ample cooking capacity, allowing you to prepare meals for yourself or a small group.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Small Air Fryer:

  1. Cooking Capacity: Determine the amount of food you cook and choose a small air fryer with an appropriate capacity. Consider factors such as the number of servings and the types of dishes you plan to prepare.
  2. Power and Temperature Control: Look for a small air fryer with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to customize the cooking process according to the recipe's requirements. Higher power ensures faster cooking times.
  3. Ease of Use: Check and compare the user interface and controls. Look for intuitive and user-friendly features that make operating the air fryer hassle-free, including digital displays, preset cooking functions, and easy-to-use buttons.
  4. Safety Features: Check for features like automatic shut-off and cool-touch handles to ensure safety during cooking. Overheating protection and non-slip feet are also important for stability and peace of mind.
  5. Price and Warranty: Set a budget and compare prices of different small air fryers. Additionally, check the manufacturer's warranty to protect you against defects or malfunctions.

Choose the air fryer that best suits your cooking needs and preferences, and enjoy delicious and healthier meals easily.

Top 5 Small Air Fryer In India:

AGARO Delite Air Fryer

The Agaro Delite Air Fryer is a compact and efficient appliance that makes healthy cooking a breeze. The cool-touch handle ensures easy and safe handling, and the non-stick pot with a capacity of 2.8 liters makes cleaning a breeze. This air fryer offers efficient performance with 1300 watts and an extra-long power cord. 

AGARO 1300-Watt, 3.2 liters Air Fryer 

This fryer has uniform air heating technology and a powerful 1300 Watt motor, ensuring quick and efficient cooking with maximum temperature control. It has a small 3.2-liter basket, which makes it very compact for the kitchen.

Agaro Regency Air Fryer, 12L

With its family rotisserie oven and electric air fryer toaster oven functions, this model offers 9 preset menu options for easy baking in air fryer, roasting, and toasting. The tilt LED digital touch screen ensures user-friendly operation.

PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90: 

This air fryer uses up to 90% less fat for healthier cooking. Its 4.1-liter capacity and rapid air technology deliver fast and even cooking results.

INALSA Air Fryer Digital 6.5 L Sous Chef: 

This air fryer features 8 preset programs and variable temperature control for versatile cooking. It comes with a free recipe book and a 2-year warranty for added value.

Comparison Of The Top 5 Small Air Fryer In India:

Air Fryer Model






Good for (USP)/ Benefits


AGARO Delite Air Fryer

3d heating, temp control, 2.8L, non-stick.

Small size.

Long power cord, non-stick, overheat protection.



-Compact and fast.

“Amazing product”

AGARO 1300-Watt, 3.2 liters Air Fryer 

Uniform air heating, compact, and affordable. 

Limited preset menu options compared to some models.

- 1300 Watt motor
- 3.2 Liters
- Different menu options.



- Quick and efficient cooking

A Definite Buy for eating food without oil

Agaro Regency Air Fryer, 12L

Family rotisserie oven and toaster functionality, versatile, 90 min. timer

Some users find this Expensive.

- 9 preset menu options
- Tilt LED digital touchscreen



- Easy baking, roasting, and toasting

"This air fryer is a game-changer in my kitchen. It's so convenient to use, and the preset menu options make cooking a breeze."

PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90

Uses up to 90% less fat for healthier cooking

Relatively higher price point

- 4.1-liter capacity
- Rapid air technology



- Healthier cooking with less oil

"This air fryer has made a noticeable difference in my cooking. I can enjoy crispy and delicious food with less guilt."

INALSA Air Fryer Digital 6.5 L Sous Chef

8 preset programs for versatile cooking

Some users reported issues with the temperature control

- 6.5-liter capacity
- Variable temperature control
- 2-year warranty



- Versatile cooking options

"The preset programs in this air fryer make it so easy to cook different dishes."

Agaro offers the best air fryers with all the advanced features at affordable prices. Visit its official website to check out its premium products and buy them at heavy discounts as they have an ongoing air fryer sale online.



In conclusion, small air fryer offer a range of benefits, including healthier cooking, time and energy efficiency, versatility, ease of cleaning, and compact size. When buying a small air fryer, consider factors such as cooking capacity, power and temperature control, ease of use, safety features, price, and warranty. The top 5 small air fryers in India, including Agaro air fryers, offer various features, specifications, price ranges with a heavy-discounted air fryer sale to suit different needs. By selecting the right small air fryer, you can effortlessly prepare delicious meals with less oil and enjoy its convenience in your kitchen.


Q: Can I bake in a small air fryer? 

A: Small air fryers are versatile appliances for baking in air fryer, grilling, roasting, and even reheating leftovers. They offer a wide range of cooking options.

Q: Are small air fryers healthier than deep frying? 

A: Small air fryers use significantly less oil than deep frying, making them a healthier alternative. They can achieve the same crispy texture and delicious taste without the excess oil.

Q: How much food can I cook in a small air fryer? 

A: The cooking capacity of small air fryers varies, but they can typically cook enough food for one to four servings, depending on the model. It's essential to consider your portion needs when choosing a small air fryer.