An oven toaster grill (OTG) oven or toaster oven can be seen in almost every household these days but maintaining it is not exactly an easy task. Considering the OTG oven prices in the market, you really can not afford the ill maintenance of your OTG oven.

If you want your oven to live a long life, then you ought to follow these tips and ideas to make sure you don’t need to change your current OTG anytime soon.


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Possible settings on your OTG or toaster oven

Before knowing how to improve the life of your oven toaster grill, it is good to know what’s inside the appliance. Best OTG ovens come with conventional technology like a convection fan, rotisserie, timer, and in-built heating elements that help reheat, grill/broil, keep warm, and bake food items. Furthermore, OTG comes in varying capacities, ranging from 9L-60L. Moreover, certain toaster ovens have heating elements both on the ceiling and on the floor of the oven. You can choose to engage either or both elements to heat your oven in certain models.

Tips to improve the lifespan of your OTG

  • Buy the right product
    Buying the right OTG oven is very important, and nothing else matters if you do not take care of this. Nothing you do will help improve the life of your oven toaster grill if you end up buying the wrong one. Hence, it is better to do proper research and opt for a company that gives you a proper warranty as well as services.
  • Clean your OTG oven after using it
    The dirt and spillage from your food can accumulate in your oven OTG leading to a certain sort of smell and damage to your oven. If this keeps on happening, it can affect the overall functioning of your oven toaster grill. It may seem like wiping it with a cloth is enough, but that's not the case. It is a complicated piece of electrical device, and just wiping it won't help. Make sure you remove the power plug and disassemble the other components. Use a vinegar + hot water mixture to clean your device. Use a clean cloth to clean. If the product contains a crumb tray, clean the tray properly.
  • Opt for the servicing offered by the company
    The companies know their products more than anybody else out there, and they won’t unnecessarily make you feel like you need a new one. So, you can also save a few bucks by opting for services offered by the company itself.
  • Use the manual provided by the company
    Good oven toasters come with a toaster manual that tells you what you should and shouldn’t be doing with the toaster. Use this and whenever you feel like there’s some issue with the toaster, get it checked. Remember! Prevention is better than cure, and this applies to your oven toaster as well.
  • Don’t run your oven for a long time when it’s empty
    If nothing, OTG is still an electric appliance, and in any electric appliance, the electric energy is converted into heat. And if left running empty for a long time, this heat can end up damaging your oven. Furthermore, running a microwave oven when empty will eventually damage the magnetron. Older microwaves are more prone to getting damaged or destroyed without a load, while the newer tubes are highly resistant to reflected energy.

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