In this blog we discuss in indepth the dilemma of Air fryer vs OTG. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air circulation to cook food. It works by circulating hot air around the food, which produces a crispy and golden-brown exterior, similar to deep frying but with much less oil. It is a popular alternative to deep frying as it can create similar results with significantly less fat and calories.

An Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) is a type of oven that is commonly used for baking, grilling, and toasting. It is similar to a conventional oven, but smaller in size and more portable. An OTG can be used for a variety of cooking tasks such as baking cakes, cookies, and bread, grilling meats and vegetables, and toasting bread and other snacks.

Both air fryers and OTGs are versatile kitchen appliances that can help simplify cooking and produce delicious meals. However, they are different in terms of the cooking methods they use and the types of dishes they are best suited for. Air fryers vs OTG are ideal for making crispy and crunchy foods like french fries, chicken wings, and fish, while OTGs are better for baking and grilling dishes like cakes, pizza, and grilled vegetables. In this article let’s compare the benefits of Air fryer vs OTG

Air Fryer vs OTG - Understanding the Differences


Air Fryer


Cooking Method

Hot air circulation

Top and bottom heating element


Typically smaller

Typically larger

Cooking Time




Limited to air frying

Baking, toasting, and grilling

Ease of use

Easier with preset cooking modes

Requires more experience and manual temperature control


Non-stick coating makes cleaning easy

May require more effort to clean the grills and trays

Advantages of Using an Air Fryer

  1. Healthier cooking option: Since air fryers use little or no oil, it's a healthier cooking option compared to deep-frying.
  2. Quicker cooking time: Air fryers typically cook food faster than traditional cooking methods, making it a great time saver.
  3. Easy to use: Air fryers often come with preset cooking modes that make cooking easier, especially for beginners.
  4. Easy to clean: Most air fryers have a non-stick coating, making them easy to clean after use.
  5. Versatile: Although air fryers are primarily used for air frying, many models come with additional functions such as baking, grilling, and roasting.

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Advantages of Using an OTG

  1. Convenient: OTG ovens are a great way to cook food quickly and conveniently. They can be used to bake, grill, roast and toast food in a single appliance. This allows you to prepare meals quickly, without having to use multiple appliances.
  2. Compact: OTGs are much more compact than traditional ovens. This makes them ideal for small kitchens or for people who don’t have a lot of space.
  3. Versatile: OTG ovens can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. They can be used to bake cakes, cookies, pizzas, and roast vegetables. They can also be used to grill meat, fish and vegetables.
  4. Economical: OTG ovens are often more affordable than traditional ovens. This makes them a great choice for people with limited budgets.
  5. Easy to Clean: OTG ovens are much easier to clean than traditional ovens. This makes them more convenient and hygienic.

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Comparing Air Fryer vs OTG - Crispiness, Healthiness, and Cooking Time

Air Fryer vs OTG: Crispiness

Air Fryer: Air fryers provide a crispy texture to food due to the rapid circulation of hot air. The air fryer also has the advantage of being able to be used to make dishes that require a crispier texture such as french fries. 

OTG: OTGs also provide a crispy texture to food, but they are not as effective as air fryers because they rely on conduction heat rather than convection heat. OTGs are also not as effective as air fryers when preparing food that requires a crispier texture. 

Air Fryer vs OTG: Healthiness

Air Fryer: Comparing Air fryers Vs OTGs are considered healthier  because they use less oil. This means that the food cooked in an air fryer has fewer calories and fat than food cooked in an OTG. 

OTG: OTGs are not as healthy as air fryers because they require more oil to cook food. This means that the food cooked in an OTG has more calories and fat than food cooked in an air fryer. 

Air Fryer vs OTG: Cooking Time

Air Fryer: Air fryers cook food faster than OTGs because the hot air circulates quickly around the food. This means that food cooked in an air fryer takes less time to cook than food cooked in an OTG. 

OTG: OTGs take longer to cook food due to the slower conduction heat. This means that food cooked in an OTG takes longer to cook than food cooked in an air fryer.

Air Fryer vs OTG - Which is the Best for You?

Air Fryers use a technology called Rapid Air Technology to circulate hot air around food, creating a crispy texture similar to deep-frying but without the need for oil. They're great for cooking small portions of food quickly and efficiently, and are ideal for those who want to make healthier versions of their favorite fried foods.

Comparing Air-fryer vs OTGs, on the other hand, are more versatile and can be used for baking, grilling, toasting, and roasting. They come with different racks and trays for different cooking needs, and some models have additional features like convection heating, temperature control, and timers. They're ideal for those who like to cook larger quantities of food and want more flexibility in their cooking options.

Top Features to Consider When Choosing Between an Air Fryer and OTG

  1. Temperature Range: Check to see what temperature range the appliance offers. An air fryer typically offers a higher temperature range than an OTG.
  2. Capacity: Consider how much food you will be cooking at once and make sure the appliance can handle the amount. An air fryer typically has a larger capacity than an OTG.
  3. Ease of Use: Look at how easy the appliance is to use. An air fryer is typically easier to use than an OTG is.
  4. Versatility: See how versatile the appliance is. An air fryer is typically more versatile than an OTG.
  5. Cleaning: Check to see how easy the appliance is to clean. An air fryer is typically easier to clean than an OTG.
  6. Safety Features: Check to see if the appliance has any safety features such as auto shut-off. An air fryer typically has more safety features than an OTG.

Review of Agaro OTG - Features and Benefits

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In conclusion, both the Air Fryer and OTG have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. The Air Fryer is the clear winner in terms of convenience and time-saving capabilities. On the other hand, the OTG is the better choice when it comes to delivering an evenly cooked, crunchy texture to foods. In the end, it really comes down to personal preference and budget. Regardless of which one you choose, you'll be able to enjoy tasty, healthy, and fast meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between an Air Fryer and an OTG?

A: An Air Fryer is a countertop kitchen appliance that uses convection to circulate hot air around food to cook it. An OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) is a combination oven, toaster and grill that uses direct heat to cook food. 

Q: What types of food can be cooked in an Air Fryer?

A: Air Fryers can be used to cook a variety of foods such as vegetables, fish, chips, chicken and much more. 

Q: What types of food can be cooked in an OTG?

A: OTGs can be used to cook a variety of foods such as vegetables, fish, chips, chicken, cakes, pizzas and much more.