In the bustling world of kitchen appliances, the Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) is a versatile and indispensable companion for culinary enthusiasts. Whether baking, grilling, toasting, or roasting, the right OTG can elevate your cooking experience. As we enter 2023, the market is flooding with the best brands of OTG in India. To help you make an informed choice, we've dissected the key factors to consider when buying the best OTG in India and curated a list of the top 5 OTG brands in India based on the preferences of discerning buyers.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best OTG in India


Determine your cooking needs and choose an OTG with an appropriate capacity. Smaller ones (15-25 liters) are suitable for small families, while larger models (30-60 liters) cater to bigger households or advanced cooking needs.

Cooking Functions

Look for versatile OTGs that offer various cooking functions such as baking, grilling, toasting, and rotisserie. This ensures you can prepare a wide range of dishes.

Temperature Control

Precise temperature control is crucial for achieving consistent results. Opt for an OTG with adjustable temperature settings for precise cooking.


A timer function is essential for accurately timing your cooking and preventing overcooking. It's a handy feature for busy kitchens.

Safety Features

Ensure the OTG has safety features like a cool-touch exterior, auto-shutoff, and a transparent door to prevent accidents and monitor cooking.

Top 5 Choices for the Best OTG Brand in India 

Here's a brief overview of the best OTG brand in India:


AGARO OTG is the best OTG brand in India, known for its durability and efficient cooking performance. They offer a range of models with various capacities and functions, making them suitable for beginners and experienced home chefs.

AGARO Top Model: Marvel OTG - 48L - Black

Philips OTG

Philips OTGs are user-friendly and efficient, with reliable heating elements. They often come with various cooking options and a good temperature range, making them suitable for various culinary tasks.

Philips Top Model: HD6976/00 36 OTG – 2000W, 36L

Faber FOTG

Faber FOTGs are recognized for their innovative features, including convection technology and multifunctional capabilities. They are known for their premium build quality and advanced cooking options.

Faber Top Model: FOTG BK – 1600W, 24L

Inalsa Premium OTG

Inalsa Premium OTGs are known for their versatility and performance. They offer a range of cooking functions, precise temperature control, and spacious interiors, making them a favorite among cooking enthusiasts.

Inalsa Top Model: Premium OTG – 1500W, 30L

Crompton OTG

Crompton OTGs are appreciated for their compact design and ease of use. They come with essential baking, grilling, and toasting features, making them suitable for basic cooking needs.

Crompton Top Model: Tandoori Magic OTG – 1380W, 25L

AGARO provides some of the best OTG oven models in India at affordable prices, and you can purchase them easily from their official website.


Where to Buy the Best OTG in India?

To purchase your ideal OTG in India, consider reputable platforms like:

Official Brand Website

Brands like Agaro offer premium quality products with the best deals and discount offers on their official website which you can check and buy easily.


A popular choice offering a wide range of models, competitive prices, and customer reviews.


Known for its diverse selection, Flipkart often features exclusive deals on OTGs.

Appliance Stores

Visit physical appliance stores in your locality to see OTG models in person and seek expert advice.


Selecting the best OTG in India involves carefully considering factors like capacity, functions, temperature control, safety features, and your cooking needs. The best brands of OTG in India, including Agaro and others, offer various options to suit various preferences and budgets. By making an informed choice and purchasing from reputable platforms, you can embark on a culinary journey filled with delicious homemade delights. Happy cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are OTG ovens suitable for baking cakes and cookies?

Yes, OTG ovens are ideal for baking cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. They offer precise temperature control and even heating, ensuring your baked treats come out perfectly.

Q: Can I roast or grill in an OTG oven?

Absolutely! OTG ovens are versatile and can be used for roasting and grilling dishes like chicken, vegetables, and kebabs. Many models come with dedicated settings for these cooking methods.

Q: Do I need special cookware for my OTG oven?

While not mandatory, using oven-safe glass or non-stick cookware in your OTG is advisable for safe and effective cooking. Avoid metal or aluminum utensils, which can damage the oven's interior.