Are you looking to elevate your cooking game with healthier, more convenient options? The digital air fryer is a great option to steal the show in your kitchen! These innovative appliances offer a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite crispy dishes with minimal oil usage. In this blog, we present the top 5 digital air fryers that are making waves in the market. Their affordable air fryer cost will revolutionize your culinary experience with versatile cooking functions to family-friendly capacities. Discover the best options to buy air fryer and bring a new star to your kitchen!

Reasons to Buy a Digital Air Fryer

Here are several reasons why you should buy air fryer:

  1. Smart Control: Digital air fryers have intuitive touchscreens and LED displays, providing easy and precise control over cooking settings.
  2. Healthy Cooking: Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with minimal oil usage and rapid hot air circulation, delivering crispy results with fewer calories.
  3. Versatility: From frying and roasting to baking and grilling, a digital air fryer offers multiple cooking functions in a single appliance.
  4. Time-Saving: With preset cooking options and precise timers, digital air fryers simplify meal preparation and ensure consistent results.
  5. Family-Friendly: With great capacities, digital air fryers cater to family-sized meals, making them ideal for households of all sizes.

Top 5 Digital Air Fryer in the Market 

AGARO Regency Air Fryer - 12L

The AGARO Regency Air Fryer delivers healthy cooking with minimal fat usage, perfect for health-conscious individuals. Its 12L capacity ensures ample space for preparing family meals, while the smart LED screen offers easy operation.

AGARO Royal Digital Air Fryer, 14.5L - Black

The AGARO Royal Digital Air Fryer boasts a generous 14.5L capacity, suitable for cooking large quantities. With its advanced touchscreen technology and rapid air circulation, it delivers impeccable results.

AGARO Imperial Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer

The AGARO Imperial Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer stands out with its dual-basket design, perfect for simultaneous cooking. Its digital control panel and 10 preset options add convenience to your culinary adventures.

Proscenic T22 Digital Smart LED Touch Screen Air Fryer - 5L

The Proscenic T22 Air Fryer features smart LED touchscreen technology, allowing easy control. With its rapid hot air circulation, you can enjoy crispy delights with minimal oil usage.

PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90

The PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer boasts 1500W power and rapid air technology for quick and healthy cooking. The digital display ensures precise control for perfect results.

Comparison Of The Top Digital Air Fryer In The Market

Air Fryers

AGARO Regency Air Fryer - 12L

AGARO Royal Digital Air Fryer, 14.5L - Black

AGARO Imperial Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer

Proscenic T22 Digital Smart LED Touch Screen Air Fryer - 5L

PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90


Smart LED screen

Advanced touchscreen technology 

Digital display and touch control

Digital display with mobile‎App control

Digital control panel

Heat circulation technology

Rapid air circulation technology

10 Preset cooking options

Turboair Technology

Rapid Air Technology

Temperature Range

80°C - 200°C



Min 75 °C

Min 60 °C

Timer up to

90 Min

90 Min

60 Min

Not specified

Not specified












Rs. 11,995




Not specified




Healthy cooking with less fat usage

Large capacity

2 different baskets for cooking larger foods

Compatible with APP & Alexa

Auto-shut off function

Easy to use with smart display

Uniform air heating technology 

Rapid hot air circulation technology

Perform multiple functions at the same time

Easy to use with a touch control panel

Multiple cooking functionality

Prepare dishes in a short time

Cook different food at the same time

Super Denoise Technology

Consume less power


Takes up more counter space

Slightly heavier than other models

Little high price

Takes time to learn control usage

Low capacity


9+3+4 Functions for even cooking

Rotisserie function

-Dehydrate and preheat function

13 Presets & Shake Reminder function

7 presets and Keep Warm functions


"Love the large capacity and smart LED screen. It's easy to use and cooks delicious, healthier meals!"

"The touchscreen and rapid air circulation make cooking a breeze. Great for family-sized meals!"

No reviews

"Impressed with the smart touch screen and rapid air circulation. Delicious results with less oil!"

"Great power and rapid air technology. The digital display is easy to use."

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In conclusion, a digital air fryer revolutionized our cooking, offering healthier and more convenient options for indulging in our favorite dishes. From the top-notch AGARO models to Proscenic and PHILIPS, the market offers diverse choices with different air fryer cost to suit every cooking need. Among the top contenders, AGARO's digital air fryer collection stands out with advanced technology and spacious capacities, catering to various culinary needs. Embrace the health-conscious approach and buy air fryer to elevate your cooking experience with AGARO's digital air fryer as your kitchen's new star.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the best digital air fryer apart from traditional models?

The best digital air fryer offers precise temperature control, pre-programmed settings, and user-friendly interfaces for effortless cooking and convenience.

Can a digital air fryer replace traditional frying methods entirely?

While digital air fryers provide healthier alternatives, they may not replicate the exact taste and texture of deep-fried dishes. They complement traditional frying methods.

Are digital air fryers suitable for beginners in the kitchen?

Absolutely! Digital air fryers are designed with user-friendly features, making them perfect for both experienced cooks and kitchen novices seeking healthier cooking options.