In the world of coffee aficionados, a reliable coffee grinder machine price is the heart of a perfect brew. For coffee enthusiasts in India, choosing the right coffee machine that grinds beans can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify your decision-making process by evaluating the features, prices, and factors affecting the cost of the top 5 coffee grinder machines available in India.

Features to Look for in a Coffee Machine with Grinder 

Grind Settings

Adjustable settings for fine-tuning your coffee grind to match your preferred brewing method, from espresso to French press.

Burr Type Grinders 

If you are looking for a coffee machine with a grinder,  look for quality burr grinders, whether ceramic or stainless steel, to ensure consistency and even grinding for optimal flavor extraction.


Consider the bean hopper and ground container size to accommodate your daily coffee consumption.

Motor Power

A powerful motor ensures efficient and consistent grinding, especially for dense or oily beans.

Build Quality

Look for sturdy construction and durable materials that can withstand daily use and last over time.

Size and Design

Choose a machine that fits well in your kitchen space and complements your aesthetic preferences.

Additional Features

Timer settings for automated grinding, dose control for precise measurements, and programmable options for convenience.

Evaluating Coffee Grinder Machine Price in India 

Low Range: Below INR 2000

  • Basic models are suitable for beginners and occasional coffee drinkers.
  • Simple grinding capabilities for drip coffee and French press.
  • Limited advanced features, focusing on affordability.
  • Budget-friendly entry into the world of freshly ground coffee.

Mid Range: INR 2000 - 5000

  • Balanced options offer affordability and functionality.
  • Adjustable grind settings for various brewing methods.
  • Consistent grinding results with added features like timers or dose control.
  • Versatile choices catering to espresso, pour-over, and more. You can check Agaro’s official website for the best coffee machine with grinder at an affordable price range.

High Range: Above INR 5000

  • Premium machines for precision and advanced features.
  • Superior build quality and precision grinding mechanisms.
  • Fine-tuned settings for controlling grind size and consistency.
  • Designed for dedicated coffee enthusiasts and professionals.

Factors Affecting Coffee Grinder Machine Price in India 

Burr Quality

The type and material of burrs used in the grinder, such as ceramic or stainless steel, can impact the price.

Grind Consistency

Machines with precise and consistent grind settings tend to command higher prices due to their ability to produce uniform grounds.

Motor Power

Grinders equipped with more powerful motors that ensure efficient grinding may come at a higher cost.

Brand Reputation

Established and well-known brands often offer premium products with corresponding price tags.

Additional Features

Due to added functionalities, coffee grinders with advanced features like built-in scales, dosing timers, and automation may have higher prices.

Detailed Comparison of the 5 Best Coffee Grinder Machine Price & Features


Agaro Grand Coffee Grinder - Silver

Agaro Supreme Coffee Grinder - Silver

Budan Electric Coffee Grinder 

Cafe JEI Manual Coffee Grinder

Wonderchef Regalia Electric Coffee Grinder


18 grind settings, Push –to grind system

Stylish design, Anti-static technology 

Espresso to cold brew grinding

Adjustable settings

31 grinding settings


Plastic build

Limited grind sizes

Manual effort required

Manual operation

Higher price range

Burr Type

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Not specified


Conical Ceramic


Rs 1423

Rs 6256

Rs 9999

Rs 1059

Rs 6489








Wide range of grind sizes

Sleek and user-friendly

Versatile and warranty

Precision Grinding

Premium features


I have purchased this product in a combo with AGARO Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker. I am impressed by the simplicity yet the power of this product.

Value for money and performs all possible grind size starting with coarse for pourover to ultrafine for Espresso

Its precise to perfect extent, very low noise. I can collect grounds straight in my portafilter. For the price range i have no complaints, only if an instruction booklet could be added that will be very useful.

The coffee got grounded and fell into the container like a dust of magic! Totally recommended and worth the price

Gives you coffee! An inconsistent grinder but if you like things quick this one works .. Can also use powder directly .. Built for convenience ..

Agaro offers a top-quality coffee machine that grinds beans in India at affordable prices that you can easily buy from its website.



Selecting the right coffee machine that grinds beans in India involves balancing features, quality, and cost. The Agaro Grand stands out for its affordability, while the Wonderchef offers premium options. Choose based on your budget, brewing preferences, and desired functionalities. Remember, investing in a quality coffee grinder is a step towards a delightful coffee journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic burrs better than stainless steel?

Ceramic burrs tend to produce less heat during grinding, preserving the coffee's flavor profile.

Can I grind beans for espresso with all these machines?

Yes, most of these machines offer grind settings suitable for espresso.

Is manual grinding difficult for beginners?

Manual grinding requires some effort, but it offers precise control over grind size, making it suitable for beginners willing to invest time.