Keeping your car clean and well-maintained is essential for its longevity and aesthetic appeal. While professional car washes are convenient, they can also be expensive. Fortunately, you can make your car washer home, saving time and money. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make car washer at home. Additionally, we will explore the advantages of making one yourself and recommend three of the best car washers for home use and home car washer machine price, that are readily available in India.

Advantages of Making a Car Washer at Home

  1. Cost-Effective: Making a car washer at home can significantly reduce expenses associated with professional car washes.
  2. Convenience: A car washer readily available at home allows you to wash your vehicle whenever it is most convenient, without relying on external services.
  3. Customization: You can tailor your homemade car washer to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring optimal cleaning results.

Things You Need to Make a Car Washer at Home

To create your car washer, gather the following materials:

  1. Plastic Bucket: A sturdy plastic bucket with at least 10 liters capacity.
  2. High-Pressure Water Gun: An adjustable high-pressure water gun attachment that can be connected to a hose.
  3. Hose Connector: A connector that attaches the water gun to a standard garden hose.
  4. PVC Pipe: Approximately 2-3 feet of PVC pipe (½ inch diameter).
  5. Hose Clamp: A hose clamp secures the bucket's PVC pipe.
  6. Soap Dispenser (Optional): A soap dispenser attachment connected to the water gun for added cleaning power.
  7. Sponge or Wash Mitt: A sponge or wash mitt for manual cleaning.

How to Make Car Washer at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to create your own car washer:

Step 1: Drill a hole near the bottom of the plastic bucket, slightly smaller than the diameter of the PVC pipe. 

Step 2: Insert the PVC pipe into the hole, leaving a few inches protruding from the outside of the bucket. 

Step 3: Secure the PVC pipe by tightening the hose clamp. 

Step 4: Attach the high-pressure water gun to the garden hose using the hose connector. 

Step 5: Connect the water gun to the PVC pipe on the bucket. 

Step 6: Attach a soap dispenser to the water gun if desired. 

Step 7: Fill the bucket with water and turn on the hose. 

Step 8: Adjust the water gun settings to control the pressure and spray pattern

Step 9: Use the homemade car washer to rinse dirt and grime off your vehicle's surface. 

Step 10: Use the sponge, wash mitt, and water gun to manually clean the car. 

Step 11: Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean water.

3 Best Car Washer for Home Use Readily Available in India

AGARO Sigma High-Pressure Washer 

The AGARO Sigma High-Pressure Washer is one of the best car washer for home use. Its powerful motor and variable pressure settings offer exceptional performance at an effective price point. It comes with multiple attachments and a longer hose length and has received positive reviews for its reliability and durability. The Sigma is known for its versatility and is suitable for various car cleaning tasks.

AGARO Supreme High-Pressure Washer

The AGARO Supreme is another one of the best car washer for home use from AGARO. It provides reliable performance with adjustable pressure settings and various attachments for customized cleaning. Users appreciate its ease of use and effectiveness in removing stubborn dirt and grime.

AGARO Royal High-Pressure Washer

The AGARO Royal is a high-quality car pressure washer with a powerful motor and variable pressure options. It has a sturdy build and a range of attachments for versatile cleaning. The Royal is praised for its performance and durability.

Agaro offers top-quality car washers in India for home at competitive prices. Visit the official Agaro website to buy its products easily.



This blog must have given you a detailed answer on how to make car washer at home and home car washer machine price. Creating a car washer at home is a cost-effective and convenient solution for keeping your vehicle clean. Following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can easily assemble your homemade car washer using readily available materials. Additionally, if you prefer a ready-made option, several reliable car washers for home use are available in the market. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget. Enjoy the satisfaction of maintaining a clean and pristine car without leaving the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any type of plastic bucket for the homemade car washer? 

A: Using a sturdy plastic bucket is recommended to ensure durability and stability during the car washing process. Avoid using thin or brittle buckets that may crack or break under pressure.

Q: Do I need any special tools to assemble the homemade car washer? 

A: No, the assembly process is relatively simple and requires no special tools. A drill, hose clamp, and basic household items are sufficient to create your own car washer.

Q: Can I adjust the water pressure of the homemade car washer? 

A: You can control the water pressure by adjusting the settings on the high-pressure water gun. Most water guns have adjustable nozzles or settings to regulate the spray pattern and pressure.