Vacuum cleaners have been here ever since the 1860s and it has changed the lives of people who have had to spend hours cleaning before. And with the latest upgrades in technology and knowledge, even vacuum cleaners have gone under a massive change cycle. There are multiple reasons to use Vacuum Cleaners. The vacuum cleaners are now available to everyone and are portable, lightweight, and stylish, something that wasn't possible earlier.

3 Steps to using a vacuum cleaner the right way

  • Step 1
    Going gradually is the key to achieving the cleanest clean. Begin at the far border of your carpet or rug and go forward in a straight line with the vacuum. This technique raises the floor covering's nap (or fibres) to show any dirt or debris beneath. After that, carefully move the machine back toward you to collect all of the debris. Repeat the technique for the second row, overlapping the first by roughly 50% and cleaning the whole surface.

    A handheld vacuum cleaner is best when it comes to cleaning with ease.
AGARO Regal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 800W

AGARO Regal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 800W

  • Step 2
    Another way to make your carpet particularly clean is to vacuum it not just up and down in rows, but also 90 degrees and side-to-side. The extra work using a vacuum cleaner for sofa and other furniture will pay off in the end, as it will aid in the collection of all dust and debris.

    A vacuum cleaner wet and dry with a blower function can help with effective wider cleaning.
AGARO Rapid Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

AG Rapid Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Step 3
    Cleaning the brushes and bristles will assist them in sweeping up every last crumb on your carpet, and emptying the canister regularly will enhance the suction. Clean the bristles after each use, the canister after a few uses, and the filters once a month. By doing so, the machine will function smoothly with a little maintenance, and you won't have to vacuum the same locations over and over.

Other ways to use your vacuum cleaner

  • Make your house smell wonderful: Using your favourite essential oil or perfume, saturate a cotton ball and place it in your vacuum cleaner bag. The smell will slowly discharge and refresh the air while you clean your house.
  • Eradicate fleas: Using your vacuum cleaner is just as effective as using harsh pesticides to eliminate fleas. Research even proved that vacuuming the carpet destroyed 96 percent of the fleas on average.
  • Keeping allergens out of your house is essential: Your windowsills and screen doors are hotspots for pollen and dust. Before these allergens enter your house, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the window sill and door track. Repeat this should be done once a week.

And that's how you are ready to use your vacuum cleaner the right way.

Benefits of using vacuum cleaner the right way

Any appliance needs to be handled properly with care for effective and long-lasting functioning. Handling vacuum cleaners the right way helps with,

  • Longer life
    The right usage of the device brings longer life and requires less maintenance. This also saves one a lot of money which they would be spending on a faulty device’s repair or replacement.
  • Cleaner house
    Using a vacuum cleaner for home the right way helps in cleaning effectively and thus gives you a cleaner house in less effort and time.

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