Are you a budget-conscious food enthusiast who craves crispy and delicious treats? Look no further than the best and cheap air fryer. These budget-friendly cooking appliances have revolutionized our cooking, offering a guilt-free solution to indulge in your favorite fried dishes without breaking the bank. So if you're searching for a high-quality air fryer lowest price option, online platforms offer exclusive budget-friendly air fryer sale offers! This article will unveil the top 5 best and cheap air fryers that provide exceptional value for money. So, let's embark on this journey of finding affordable delights that promise to make your taste buds dance with joy!

Benefits of Buying a Cheap Air Fryer

Here are a few benefits of buying a cheap air fryer that will revolutionize your cooking experience.

  1. Healthier Cooking: Air fryers use hot air circulation to cook food, significantly reducing the need for oil. This means you can enjoy your favorite fried dishes with up to 80% less fat, making them a healthier choice for you and your family.
  2. Time-Efficient: Air fryers cut down on cooking time and preheating time, making them ideal for busy individuals who want to whip up quick and delicious meals without compromising on taste.
  3. Easy to Clean: Most air fryers have dishwasher-safe components, making cleanup a breeze. Maintaining your air fryer with no messy oil splatters is simple and hassle-free.
  4. Versatile Cooking: Apart from frying, air fryers can also grill, roast, and bake, making them versatile kitchen appliances that can handle a wide range of dishes.
  5. Energy-Efficient: Air fryers consume less energy than traditional ovens, helping you save on electricity bills while being environmentally friendly.

How to Choose a Quality Yet Cheap Air Fryer?

Finding the perfect cheap air fryer can be overwhelming with the many options available at the lowest price. However, by considering these essential factors, you can make a well-informed decision while looking for cheap air fryer quality:

  1. Capacity: Determine the air fryer size based on the number of people you usually cook for. Smaller units are suitable for individuals or couples, while larger ones are ideal for families.
  2. Power and Temperature Control: Look for an air fryer with adjustable temperature settings to have more control over your cooking. Higher power ratings ensure faster cooking times.
  3. Safety Features: Opt for air fryers with safety features like automatic shut-off and cool-touch handles to prevent accidents in the kitchen.
  4. User-Friendly Controls: Choose a model with easy-to-understand controls and a digital display for convenient operation.
  5. Customer Reviews: Pay attention to customer reviews to gauge real-world performance and satisfaction levels of the air fryer you're interested in.

Best & Cheap Air Fryer in India: Top 5 Models

AGARO Regency Air Fryer

Experience uniform cooking with the 360° heat circulation and savor delightful meals with its spacious 12L capacity, all powered by its 1800W motor.

AGARO Royal Digital Air Fryer

Enjoy precise control with the digital display and even cooking through uniform air heating technology, complemented by its generous 14.5L capacity.

AGARO Regal Air Fryer

Elevate your cooking game with its rotisserie & convection function, ensuring efficiency and even cooking in its spacious 23L capacity.

Instant Pot Air Fryer: 

Delight in juicy and healthier meals with 95% less oil consumption, courtesy of its 1500W motor and 5.7L capacity.

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer: 

Prepare your favorite dishes effortlessly with its 360 Degree Rapid Heat Circulation. Enjoy ample cooking space in its roomy 16L capacity.

Comparison of the Best & Cheap Air Fryer in India


AGARO Regency Air Fryer

AGARO Royal Digital Air Fryer

AGARO Regal Air Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer

Hamilton Beach Air fryer 






Not specified


90 Min

90 Min

60 Min

Not specified

30 Min


80°C - 200°C

50-220 0C

100-220 0C

Min ‎95 0C

Not specified








360° heat circulation technology

Uniform air heating technology 

Quickly disperses heated air in all directions

Ease to use with Touch Control Panel

360 Degree Rapid Heat Circulation

Compact design, saving kitchen space

Easy control with digital display

Efficient and even cooking with minimal oil

Uses 95 % less Oil in cooking food

Large capacity

Efficient and even cooking with minimal oil

80% less oil consumption for healthier meals

Rotisserie & Convection function

Cook delicious and juicy food

Easy to extend the cooking time


Shorter power cord

Bit bulky model

Low heating distribution

Small capacity 

Built quality issue

Actual Price



Rs. 15,995



Discount %, Deal Price

Rs.8,199 [-59%]

Rs.12,790 [-49%]

Rs. 10,449 [-55%]

Rs.9,999 [-52%]










9+3+4 cooking function in one model

Dehydrate, Defrost, and Keep Warm functions

It comes with a unique keep-warm function

6 cooking functions in one piece

6 in 1 cooking functions with one single product


It is the best product according to its price It is the value for money product

This air fryer is useful and value for the money.

Its ease of use and its ability to produce delicious, healthier versions of my favorite dishes.

It's more than expected. The demo made the usage very easy and simple.

Good product, handy for small family consumption.

Agaro offers premium and cheap air fryers in India that you can easily buy from its official website.



In conclusion, we've explored the best and cheap air fryer that promises affordable delights without compromising quality. These kitchen wonders offer healthier cooking, time efficiency, easy cleanup, and versatile options, making them a perfect addition to any household. If you're looking for air fryer sale options that offer exceptional value for money, AGARO offers affordable models. Its impressive features, rave reviews, and the air fryer lowest price deals make them a steal for anyone seeking a delightful and guilt-free cooking experience. Embrace the world of air frying today and elevate your culinary game to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are cheap air fryers less effective than expensive ones?

No, cheap air fryers can be just as effective in delivering crispy and delicious results while offering budget-friendly options.

Q: Can I cook a variety of dishes in a cheap air fryer?

Yes, most cheap air fryers come with versatile cooking options like frying, grilling, baking, and roasting, catering to various culinary needs.

Q: Are cheap air fryers safe to use?

Yes, cheap air fryers are designed with safety features like automatic shut-off and cool-touch handles, ensuring a safe cooking experience for users.